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UW Alumni 🤝 Shopify

We’re always searching for the best and brightest in our own backyard, and UWaterloo alumni, almost alumni, and dropouts are all welcome. If you're a developer with a proven track record of excellence, seek continuous growth, and want to solve complex problems, we’d love to chat.

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Create products that power the economy

We power millions of businesses in more than 175 countries with essential commerce infrastructure. Build products that empower everyone, from online side hustles to global retail giants.

Pave the road that leads to more entrepreneurs

A world with more entrepreneurs is a better world. The entrepreneurial mindset drives us. You feel energized by getting your hands dirty and building tools so anyone can start a business and thrive.

Impact merchants from first sale, to massive scale

Merchants are our heartbeat. Your work will shape the merchant roadmap and guide customers so they can grow businesses that transform lives, communities, and the world.

Incubator-like Environment

A culture of experimentation

We are an engineering-led company that thrives on innovation. You use your eyes to identify future technical problems and opportunities for commerce, then get to work on creating solutions that scale.

Disruption encouraged

We are not a, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of company. We want you to try things, disrupt, learn, and implement your own unique skills and strategic systems to improve our utility, reliability, and ergonomics consistently.

Ship at high velocity

We keep processes light, so you can ship with speed. We ship fast with low process and take calculated risks with informed context. If you thrive on ambiguity and enjoy shipping quickly, this is a great place for you.

Leading Edge Technology

Early adopters and contributors to open source technology

We are Open Source Absolutists for the future of the internet. We inject open source into everything we do, and you appreciate giving back to the open source community.

Extensible tech stack

Shopify is a monolithic rails application and one of the largest Ruby on Rails codebases in existence. You are invigorated by an architecture that means less maintenance and more building.

All-in on AI

We are all-in on AI and seek opportunities to leverage it at every level of our practice. You welcome reinventing things in an AI-first paradigm and the positive, democratizing effects that can bring to the world.

Engineering Culture

Pair with top developers to solve the hardest problems

We love to write, debug, and explore code together. Pairing works to solve complex problems and refine ideas into solutions. Also, collaboration makes working more enjoyable.

Crafter first organization

Craft over everything. We value makers and want you to go deep and broad in craft. Continue honing your craftsmanship just like you did before you got here. That’s how we build world class products.

Encourages a breadth of engineering skills

Work across the stack on platform, data, and design. Bring your foundational skills and information architecture concepts, then learn new skills. We celebrate people who show up better to work every day.