Do More With the Redesigned Shopify App Store

Shopify app store redesign

Millions of merchants use Shopify because it covers all the basics your business needs—whether you’re selling online, offline, or somewhere in between. And if you ever need more than what Shopify offers out of the box, there are more than 8,000 apps you can use to customize your store, optimize your operations, or build out Shopify’s built-in features.

But with so many apps to choose from, it can be hard to know what’s right for your business. That’s where the new Shopify App Store comes in.

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Built for finding the right apps

Every part of the Shopify App Store has been reimagined to make it easier to find exactly the right apps for your business.

Better search, clearer wayfinding

After talking to merchants, we’ve simplified our categories so everything’s grouped more intuitively and uses vocabulary you’re familiar with. We’ve also smartened up search, with better typeahead suggestions and better designed results pages. To get you up and running even faster, helpful guides and other educational resources are also now available in relevant search results and other parts of the experience.

Apps picked just for you

Each app goes through a 100-checkpoint review before it hits the Shopify App Store. For high-quality apps we think you should know about—like Mechanic, a powerful app that lets you automate manual tasks so you save time and reduce errors—there’s the new “featured app” section to keep you in the loop.

And when you log in to the Shopify App Store, you get recommendations based on what’s worked for other businesses like yours (such as those in your same location, selling similar products, and other key signals). After working with millions of businesses for more than a decade, Shopify knows what it takes to succeed. Those exclusive insights are what fuel our recommendation algorithms.

Evaluate each app at a glance

The page you land on when you tap to learn more about an app has been completely redesigned. Now the key benefits, stand-out features, pricing options, language availability, and compatibility constraints are clearly laid out, so it’s easy to understand what you’re getting and compare your options. 

Learn how the pros do it

A new series of merchant success stories reveals which apps successful businesses like Thinx and Crossrope use to get ahead. Tune in each month to learn how they use apps to do good things like lower costs, increase profits, and improve productivity.

Sell wider, go bigger, do more with apps

With Shopify, you get the very best foundation for your business. And apps give you the flexibility to do even more. Whether you’re in a niche industry with customers that require special features, you’re looking to pivot in a new direction, or you just want to sell more, the Shopify App Store is here to help you find the apps that can take you where you want to go.