How Passkeys Reduce Friction in the Ecommerce Shopping Experience

passkeys for Shopify

Have you heard of passkeys? They’re a simple, fast, and secure way for shoppers to sign in and authenticate their identity without using two-factor authentication codes or passwords. 

In this post, you’ll learn how this exciting technology works and how to enable passkey authentication on your Shopify site to speed up your checkout. 

Passkeys and Shop Pay

Passkeys eliminate the need for passwords and two-factor authentication by letting customers verify their identity with biometrics, a PIN, or by drawing a pattern with their finger. 

With Shop Pay, shipping and payment details including card number, expiration date, and billing address are automatically populated in checkout once a customer signs in with passkey authentication, thereby reducing friction and increasing security. For users choosing to use passkeys, the experience replaces the SMS code entry that Shop Pay is known for.

Passkeys and Shop sign-in features

Shop’s all-new sign-in features make it easier than ever for over 100 million Shop users to authenticate their identity when browsing your Shopify store, and these new features also support passkeys. Once users are authenticated, their billing and shipping information is automatically populated at checkout so they can complete purchases in one tap using Shop Pay

Here are three new ways to authenticate shoppers and accelerate your Shopify store’s checkout with Shop Pay:  

  • Sign in with Shop: Simplify the sign-in process for your customers by allowing them to use their Shop account, resulting in quicker checkout and boosted conversion rates.
  • Lead capture with Shop: Optimize lead capture by automatically identifying, signing in, and saving discounts for high-value shoppers. Merchants using this functionality saw an 8% increase in order conversion by Shop Pay users. 
  • Follow on Shop: Enable follow on Shop to sign in more users on your storefront and increase customer engagement in the Shop app, unlocking easier sign-in and accelerated checkout.

With Shop’s sign-in features, brands can increase the number of customers identified and signed in on their storefronts prior to checkout, leading to increased conversion.  

Lead capture with Shop

Learn how to supercharge your checkout with Shop

With Shop’s sign-in features, your store can identify more verified high-value shoppers and boost conversions, at no additional cost.

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Use Shop’s sign-in features to quickly authenticate customers and speed up checkout

Passkeys are the cutting edge of authentication technology. They eliminate the need for passwords and two-factor authentication for mobile purchases. By reducing friction, customers enjoy a seamless checkout that makes them likely to keep coming back for more.

Passkey authentication is coming to the Shop app via Shop Pay. Enable Shop Pay today to make it possible for shoppers to use passkeys on your storefront.

Passkey authentication is coming to the Shop app via Shop Pay

Enable Shop Pay today to make it possible for shoppers to use passkeys on your storefront.

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Use Passkeys to login to Shopify

In addition to enabling customers to use passkeys to sign into Shop and pay with Shop Pay, businesses on Shopify can also set up passkeys to sign into their Shopify accounts. Using passkeys removes the possibility of forgetting and needing to reset a password, or entering the wrong password and becoming locked out of your account.

Sign up for passkey authentication on Shopify today

Excited to streamline your buyer’s experience with passkey authentication? Enable Shop Pay today to make it possible for shoppers to quickly and securely authenticate their identity on your storefront and breeze through checkout in fewer clicks.