Site speed has a price tag.

Milliseconds could be costing you millions. The slower your site, the worse your conversion. Learn how to improve your site speed, performance, and Google score with this advanced guide.

Your site speed impacts everything. From SEO to checkout.

How speed impacts discovery

Custom code and integrations can harm your load time—and organic search ranking. Find out how minification and lazy loading keep your site lean and nimble, and what’s even more important to cut than large images.

How speed impacts browsing

Third-party scripts, stylesheets, or fonts can instantly slow down your online store—and cost you in lost sales. Find out how to shave milliseconds off your load time, and how to use AR and 3D modeling to minimize the impact.

How speed impacts conversion

A 1-second speed improvement can mean up to 27% more conversion. But limited bandwidth and no cache loading can fail you at checkout. Find out how to accelerate your checkout, and optimize your content as you scale globally.

Improve your site speed. Improve your bottom line.


of customers dissatisfied with a site won’t come back


of shoppers have left a slow site to buy from a competitor

As brands grow and become more sophisticated, their websites become richer. This richness usually comes with a price; unless you are actively paying attention to speed, changes will slow down your site.

Javier Moreno — Data Science Manager, Shopify

The deadline to speed up your site is now