Introducing Shopify Facebook Store

Introducing Shopify Facebook Store


We’re happy to bring you another new free feature today: Shopify Facebook Store.

With Facebook Store, you can easily sell your products directly on your Facebook page. This is great for generating traffic and sales, as well as increasing engagement with your Facebook fan-base.

Your Facebook fans will be able to view, purchase, and share any products you choose right within Facebook.

And the best part is, the whole thing takes only a few clicks to set up.

Let’s take a closer look.

Shopify Facebook Store

Facebook Store will place a customizable tab on your Facebook Page that leads your fans to view your products.

Then, simply select which products you would like to showcase and the app automatically pulls image thumbnails and pricing info directly into Facebook.

You can even set up an optional ‘Like gate’ that forces people to like your page before getting access to your products:

Also, it’s important to tie in your Google Analytics account which will allow you to track users on your Facebook Store so you can determine exactly how it’s performing.

Here are some examples of ecommerce brands already using the Shopify Facebook Store to boost sales:

Johnny Cupcakes:



Camixa Shirts:

Pure Fix Cycles:

Snoot Spray:

Foxy Mango:

Install Now

To get started using Facebook Store, head over to the Shopify App store and install the app. If you have questions about using it, make sure you check out the full documentation.

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