You can now embed your entire Shopify storefront into pretty much any page on the web! Thats right! Whether you have a static site or you are using a cms like wordpress, joomla or drupal, its easy to add ecommerce functionality with the shopify widget, its the equivalent of an ecommerce plugin.

Remember a couple of months ago when we released the Shopify Widgets App? Since then it’s been installed in over 900 shops! Since the initial release we’ve been working on adding a full blown shop experience that you can embed into pretty much any site you like.

Let me put that another way: You can now sell your products through Shopify without the customer having to leave your existing site. How cool is that? It's perfect for self-hosted WordPress blogs, Tumblr, Drupal sites, personal homepages, or any other webpage you control.

This is especially valuable to brands with pre-existing websites that have lots of visitors such as webcomics, blogs, or forums. Ordinarily with Shopify you'd need to spend time styling your shop to match the existing page but now you can throw the pop-up shop straight in there. Zero time spent on design, maximum impact.

Click for a Working Example

Wasn't that cool? That was the Shopify merch store embedded into this blogpost. The best part about it is that you can have one of these for your store too, and it's free! :-) Let’s see how it works.

Step 1

As always, first you need to grab the app from the Shopify App Store (unless you have it already, in which case you can jump right in here).

Step 2

On the homepage of the app, choose ‘embed a shop’ on the right

Step 3

Select the collections you want to display in the embedded shop. (Tip: Create a special collection for the target audience of the page you’re embedding into)

Step 4

Read the instructions and grab the embed code. Paste it into the target page and you’re good to go! Check out more details and download the free app here

We'd love to hear what you think of this new functionality, so leave a comment with your thoughts.