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PetCulture launched in 120 days, then boosted sales 100% month over month

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PetCulture is more than just a pet store that sells kibble and kitty litter, offering personalized guidance to pet owners, pet insurance, and expert vet advice. But when PetCulture needed to launch a website ASAP, it required a solution with specific features like customer relationship management, personalization, and most importantly speed to market.

With Shopify Plus and its solutions partner MindArc, PetCulture was able to build a site within four months to soft launch the business—then two months later launched the site to the wider public. MindArc helped to transform them into a long-lasting brand while still maintaining "startup" agility. PetCulture was able to iterate as it launched subscriptions and memberships, which has helped the business already achieve rapid sales growth.

With Shopify Plus, PetCulture saw results fast.

  • Go to market launch in only four months
  • 100% sales growth month over month
  • Scalable solution supporting integrated fulfilment
We landed on Shopify Plus as it is a mature platform, simple to use, and there are lots of native integrations already built out. It was quite easy for us to get speed to market and connect all the different pieces we have. Knowing we have big aspirations for the future, we needed a stable and mature platform that can scale with the business.
Chris CheungChief Ecommerce Officer

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