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The world’s leading beauty and cosmetics brands trust Shopify Plus with their business

Shopify Plus is super fast. It’s our customer-facing portal in five countries and allows us to custom-code promotions, which have been extremely effective.

Ric Kostick — Co-founder, 100% Pure


More than just a pretty face

Look great in every light with responsive stores that optimise for mobile and conversion out of the box. Blend vibrant customer experiences with branded checkouts and payment providers like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Shop Pay’s one-click confirmation. And connect in-store retail with mobile browsing to capture your customer at every step of the purchase process.


Unique looks for international markets

The global beauty and cosmetics industry is set to hit $675 billion by 2020. Deliver the localised experience customers expect by selling in multiple currencies and languages from one Shopify store. Or use expansion stores to style content based on location, language, and trends.

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Form meets function on a boundless platform

Whether you’re kicking off a flash sale or product drop, a scalable platform means you can face your biggest events with confidence. Process thousands of transactions every minute without worrying about broken carts, crashed checkouts, or downtime. The Shopify Plus platform delivers:


Sell where beauty comes alive

Stand out in the digital crowd with social shopping experiences that turn shares to sales. Enable instant purchases through Facebook. Create a shoppable Instagram feed. Run contests, leverage influencers, curate user-generated content, and highlight reviews with 10000+ apps. And get conversational with chat integrations on Messenger.


Launch your biggest, boldest events

Shopify Plus gives you access to Launchpad, the first tool to automate demand-generating campaigns at scale. Create invite-only or limited-release collections. Release select products across every sales channel. And highlight your campaigns with scheduled theme and content changes.

Integration has been critical for us to get the information we need, when we need it. We’re a very data-driven organisation. The data’s right at your fingertips with Shopify Plus.


Justin Gaggino — Chief Operating Officer

Change your industry product by product

Find out how Shopify Plus can help you change the future of retail, no matter what you sell.

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