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Start your free trial today. Ensure you receive the extended 120-day trial by using the same email you did for Operation HOPE's 1MBB program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the same email to sign up for both Shopify and 1MBB through Operation HOPE?

Yes! This is how we can ensure you are enrolled with Operation HOPE. Your 120-day trial will not be automatically applied if you signed up for Shopify with a different email.

What's free during the free trial?

The extended trial only applies to subscription fees. Transaction fees will be charged 14 days after your shop is created.

If I signed up for Shopify before 1MBB through Operation HOPE, do I still get the extended trial?

If you are in your trial period, yes. If you are on a paid plan after completing your trial period, no. But you can still enroll and enjoy the other benefits of the 1MBB program.

If I am an existing merchant on the Shopify platform, am I eligible for a subscription credit?

No, but you can still enroll and enjoy other benefits of the 1MBB program.

I’m not ready to start a store yet. How long will Shopify offer the 120-day extended trial for Black entrepreneurs as part of this program?

The Shopify for 1MBB program runs until 2030, so you have lots of time.

Next steps

Exclusive Shopify + 1MBB Ecommerce Certification

Our Certification Program has everything you need to get started on your store! By the end of this program, you will be able to design and launch your business using Shopify.

Join the Build Black Community

Once you’ve selected a plan, complete the application below to join our Build Black Community, a conversation space where business owners can support, learn and grow together.

Not ready to start yet?

If you're not quite ready to start, head back to 1MBB powered by Operation HOPE and come back anytime to get started.