Introducing Shopify Fulfillment Network

Own all elements of your business and deliver delight to customers when it matters most. Apply for early access below to ship orders directly from Shopify’s fulfillment centers.

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Fulfill without complexity

Shopify Fulfillment Network sends packages to your customers in an affordable, simple way. Currently built for businesses shipping 10 to 10,000 orders a day, soon merchants of any size can reclaim the end to end customer experience.

Take advantage of a connected network

Manage inventory efficiently

Intelligent machine learning analyzes sales, sends restock alerts, and keeps inventory close to your customers to ensure fast, low cost delivery.

Deliver great unboxing moments

Control the entire customer experience from sale to delivery and keep your brand at every touchpoint.

Maintain a single back office

Your order, inventory, and customer data syncs across warehouses and sales channels to reduce errors.

Fulfill orders with 99.5% accuracy

Feel confident your orders will be picked, packed, and sent out on time.

Uncovering the opportunity

As the third largest retailer in the United States, Shopify has the power to unite many small businesses and give them power of a single force. Learn more about what Shopify Fulfillment Network can do for you.

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Introducing Shopify Fulfillment Network

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