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Everything you need to sell and grow your retail business

Invoice generator

Headache free, cloud-based invoicing with your brand.

Create invoices

QR code generator

Mobile phone readable QR codes for your business.

Create a QR code

Policy generator

Build bullet-proof custom policies for your business.

Generate policies

Business loan calculator

Learn how much you can borrow with our business loan calculator.

Calculate your loan

Image resizer

Wow your customers by making your product photography perfect.

Resize your images

Business name generator

We use science to help you find the perfect name for your perfect brand.

Find a business name

Pay stub generator

Create cloud-based pay stubs on the fly for your business.

Create a pay stub

Shipping label template

Free and fast shipping labels for your business.

Create a shipping label

Barcode generator

Track and organize your products with unique, custom barcodes.

Create a barcode

Business card maker

Every business owner needs a business card. Fast and free.

Create a business card

Gift certificate template

Build customer loyalty and spread the love for your brand.

Create a gift certificate

Purchase order template

Easily create purchase orders for your business.

Create a purchase order

CPM calculator

Make your ads profitable and optimize campaigns.

Calculate CPM

Bill of lading template

Easily create complete bill of lading forms for your business.

Create a bill of lading

Slogan maker

Discover catchy slogan ideas for your brand.

Discover a slogan