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Shopify’s online invoice generator makes your life easier when it comes to billing and collecting money.

Simply fill in the required information and create an invoice on the spot. You can save, print or email it directly to your clients. The Shopify invoice maker uses a professional layout that includes all of the necessary details for clean, consistent, and accurate billing practices.

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The invoice generator is free to use for both personal and commercial use. Use it as often as you’d like, share it with your colleagues, or post a link to it from your blog.

No. The invoice generator can be used by everyone and anyone. We created it to give businesses a simple tool to generate invoice from, without having to sign up for anything.

Although these invoices do have the information required for general tax purposes, we recommend that you contact your tax professional before using them as official documentation.

If you’re looking for more information on accounting practices for small businesses, you can read this post.

A company invoice is a document issued by a vendor to a customer. It details the goods or services provided and specifies the amount due for payment. The company invoice typically includes the company name, address, contact information, and any relevant payment terms.

To make a company invoice you can

  • - Visit Shopify's Invoice Generator tool
  • - Add your business details and logo
  • - Add your customer's details
  • - Add line items, including a description of the product, quantities and pricing
  • - Include any payment terms
  • - Click submit and receive your generated invoice into your inbox
  • - Send your customized company invoice to your customer with a personalized message

No, an invoice does not need a logo. While a logo may add a professional touch, it is not necessary for an invoice to be valid.

You can add your logo to your invoices by uploading it within the Shopify invoice generator. It only takes 30 seconds to do.

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