B2B ecommerce

B2B and DTC, in one place

Grow and run your wholesale business on Shopify Plus with tools optimized for flexibility and customization, for all your buyers.

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From wholesale to direct to consumer, the world’s leading brands trust Shopify Plus with all their business

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All-in-one platform

B2B ecommerce with the full power of Shopify

Sell wholesale together with the rest of your business from one intuitive admin, no apps or coding required.

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Flexible customization

Designed for B2B buying

Tailor the end-to-end experience for each buyer with customized product and pricing publishing, quantity rules, and payment terms.

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B2B on Shopify

Built-in features for everything wholesale

Company profiles

Represent multiple buyers and locations with unique payment terms and user permissions.

NEW Customer-specific product publishing

Offer a curated buying experience with product catalogs assigned to a specific buyer or location.

Personalized B2B store

Create a unique buying experience for each customer with Liquid support for store themes, email templates, and branding.

NEW Quantity rules

Create conditional rules for products and variants, including minimums and maximums, case packs, and increments.

Price lists

Set customer-specific prices and assign them right to the company profile without the use of tags or apps.

Net payment terms

Automatically assign payment terms while tracking and collecting on orders as they become due in the admin.

NEW Company metafields

Optimize your order process by adding custom data fields to companies and locations.

NEW Easy reordering

Encourage recurring sales by making it easy for customers to reorder frequently.

NEW Flexibility getting paid

Streamline the order process with drafts, payment reminders, invoices, and due-on-fulfillment terms.

NEW Checkout to draft

Simplify workflows and quote proposals with the ability to review and approve orders in the admin.

NEW Vaulted credit cards

Speed up payment processes by letting customers securely store their card on file at checkout or in customer accounts.

NEW Customizable B2B logic

Build delivery and payment logic tailored to your customers right in the checkout using Shopify Functions.

Self-serve purchasing

Scale your operations with hands-off purchasing and order tracking for easy account management.

Global expansion

Reach wholesale customers around the world with localized storefronts, currencies, and tax exemptions.

Custom B2B solutions

Build the solution your business needs with our suite of B2B APIs and compatible apps.

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Seamless integration

Fast to launch and integrate with your systems

Spend less time managing multiple platforms with Shopify’s flexible integrations, open APIs, and automated order processing.

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All you need to know about B2B on Shopify

The best of Shopify, now available for wholesale. B2B on Shopify is a suite of first-party features integrated right in the Shopify admin. That means access to advanced customization for themes, pricing, and checkout as part of your Shopify Plus plan.

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Wholesale commerce designed for scale—and ultimate customization

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