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A bill of lading is a document accompanying freight that states the agreement between the shipper and the carrier and governs their relationship when goods are transported. It details the cargo in the shipment and gives title or ownership of that shipment to the receiving party specified on the document. That party is usually the organization or individual the cargo is being shipped to.

The bill of lading accompanying a shipment is signed by the carrier when it picks up the shipment. The signature acknowledges that the shipment is on board the carrier, whether it’s truck, rail, air, or ship. When it’s signed by the recipient, often referred to as the “consignee,” it confirms that the goods were received as described on the bill of lading. It also serves as proof of delivery.

Shopify’s free bill of lading form is fast and easy to use, to get started:

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The bill of lading tool from Shopify is free to use for all businesses and entrepreneurs.

A bill of lading is done any time you are shipping goods nationally or internationally. In general, there are two types of bills of lading:

    • Straight bill of lading – used when the shipment has been paid for in advanceand the carrier is delivering the freight to the buyer or other appropriate party.
    • Order bill of lading – used when the goods are being shipped before they’re paid for.It is expressed as “to order of” on the bill of lading often followed by the recipient’s name.An order bill is considered a “negotiable instrument,” which means that it acts as a substitutefor money or as a promise to pay. An order bill of lading might be used if the goods areshipped under an open account or letter of credit.

Yes you can! Simply download the PDF and print the bill of lading.