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For a limited time, eligible merchants can save 15% off their fulfillment services.1

Fulfillment cost2

$0.00 USD

Storage cost

$0.00 USD

Per 30 days

Excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and other US Military ZIP Codes.

What is included in the fulfillment cost:

  • Fast delivery within 2 to 3 days available

  • Pick and packing supplies

  • Inventory receiving and forwarding

  • Shipping discount on multi-unit orders

  • No minimum order volume required

Affordable and competitive rates

Invest in your business with transparent pricing that gives big and small brands the advantage of offering faster, affordable delivery.

Low storage fees

Flexport’s storage fees allow you to prepare for every sales season by having your inventory in stock and near customers.

Simple rates for returns

Plan your budget with Flexport’s flat rate for return processing per unit. Include return labels or provide your own to delight customers.

Prep services

To ensure your products are properly prepared and ready to sell leverage Flexport's prep services, such as labeling, bubble wrapping, bagging, and more.

Have a question about pricing?

Installing the Shopify Fulfillment Network app is free and lets you sync Flexport data with your store at no extra cost.

Flexport offers affordable, competitive pricing that is based on a number of variables including product dimensions, product weight, units per order, desired delivery speed, inventory, and more. Sign up for Flexport through the Shopify Fulfillment Network app to explore their services and pricing without commitment.

For a limited time, eligible merchants can save 15% off their fulfillment services.1
Eligible Shopify merchants who sign up with Flexport can receive 15% off their fulfillment services for inventory that is fulfilled by December 31, 2024.1
Shopify merchants who are not currently using Flexport’s fulfillment services. If you are currently using Flexport Freight (but not fulfillment) and are a Shopify merchant, you are also eligible.1
Eligible Shopify merchants save 15% off their fulfillment services (up to one (1) million dollars total savings per Shopify Merchant) and the discount is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. All inventory must be inbounded and fulfilled by December 31, 2024 and savings will only be applied to inventory that has been fulfilled by this date. Flexport will apply the savings to the merchant invoice on a quarterly basis. All savings will be reflected by January 31, 2025. If a merchant does not outbound inventory by December 31, 2024, that inventory will be fulfilled at Flexport's standard, competitive rates.1
It costs less to put a product in your customers' hands when two or more items arrive together. Those savings are passed on to you to help you take advantage of large orders.
No minimums or contracts required. By connecting with Flexport through the Shopify Fulfillment Network app, you're never locked into long-term agreements.
  • 1Terms & Conditions: Offer available for a limited time. Offer available only to current Shopify Merchants who have not previously utilized Flexport’s fulfillment services. Shopify Merchant refers to a company or customer who is currently using and paying for Shopify’s services. Once an eligible Shopify Merchant utilizes Flexport’s fulfillment services for the first time during the offer period they will be considered to have redeemed the offer. Once redeemed, the Offer provides a discount of fifteen percent (15%) on the following fees applicable to the use of fulfillment services with Flexport: direct to consumer fulfillment and storage, prep, and returns. Offer is applicable to all Shopify inventory entered into Flexport’s network by the Shopify Merchant and fulfilled by December 31, 2024. All cumulative savings provided under this offer will be limited to one (1) million dollars total savings per Shopify Merchant. All use of Flexport Fulfillment services will be governed by the Flexport Terms of Service for Distribution and Fulfillment Services. This Offer may not be combined with any other offers applicable to Flexport’s fulfillment services. Flexport reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.
  • 2This pricing calculator is for example purposes only and is subject to change. The pricing calculator reflects Flexport's 2023 standard pricing. 2024 pricing rates will go into effect on February 7, 2024.

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