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Shopify has always been a massive experiment: A place where you can unleash your curiosity, your passion for craft, and your drive to solve hard problems surrounded by friends. We’re hiring in all corners of Canada and around the world, to design the future together - a future that is Digital by default.

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Digital by default.
Digital by design.

Digital by design represents a digital-first way of thinking, working, and making decisions. It means the freedom to work from anywhere and the opportunity to build solutions that help Shopify’s merchants and partners innovate through chaos and emerge, stronger and more adaptable than ever before. Like everything at Shopify, we build with intention and high care and we’re always looking for talented humans who crave big challenges, are curious, resourceful, and know how to have an impact.

As our merchants reinvent themselves, we’re reimagining Shopify and how we work. We’re a company built on relationships, context and trust. Our culture is rooted in an ability to adapt, thrive on change, and build for the long term, and our collective purpose is to help more business owners of every size adapt and make it through this pandemic, with more knowledge, more insight, and more customers.

What this means for you

We can hire you (almost) anywhere

If Shopify has an entity where you are legally entitled to work we can employ you directly. In all other countries, we may be able to hire you as a contractor.

An Internet allowance to set you up for success

So you can focus on making commerce better for everyone, and not frozen screens and delayed audio.

Time zone proximity over physical proximity

You can work from wherever you call home and connect when the sun’s up for everyone on your team.

People first

A human-centered experience that recognizes your uniqueness and unique needs within the context of building a company that sees the next century.

Core hours not commuting hours

Skip the energy draining commute and channel your energy into the core hours when you’re at your most creative.

A Shopify community to support you, teach you, and learn with you

While we’re growing fast, we’re connected and committed to one another, and to make commerce better for everyone, everywhere.

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Thrive on change

The world is changing and we’re changing with it. Digital by design is about building new ways of connecting, collaborating, and building relationships- and friendships- and it’s about pulling the future forward with confidence and conviction. We’ve always been a company that looks at the world a little differently. It’s how we’ve attracted some of the world’s most imaginative, rebellious, and thoughtful humans. We hope you’ll join us.

Who we’re hiring

Shopify always seeks the curious, the resourceful, the creative, and the humble. We’re looking for passionate people across R&D to build vitally needed products now. We work with a fast and resilient tech stack and some of the best developer tooling so our teams can move quickly.

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