Make it count

Connect your Shopify Counter and bring more life to your orders and your content.

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A side view of a split-flap counter with the Shopify logo on the left.

Watch your brand and business grow

Doing it all

You’re doing a great job of combining a growing business with poppin’ socials. This is our way of saying ‘keep up the good work’.

Inspire your team and audience

Display your total lifetime orders with the perfect piece of motivation, the Shopify Counter.

Endless possibilities

Put the split-flap display in your home, or hang it up in your office and watch your numbers soar.

Set up and use the Shopify Counter, by Smiirl

Watch the video for steps to connect or follow the guided steps below.

Step-by-step instructions to set up your Counter

Add the Smiirl app

  • Head to the Smiirl app page and select “Add app”.
  • Log in to your Shopify admin then select “Install app”. This will add the Smiirl app to your Shopify store.
  • Copy the JSON URL and keep the tab open. You’ll need it in Step 3.
A graphic of the Smiirl app page on the Shopify App Store, with an “Add” button in the front.

Create an account

  • Create an account at
  • You’ll then receive an email with the subject line “Complete your Smiirl account registration” to activate your my.smiirl account.
  • Select “Activate my account” in your email which prompts you to create a new password.
  • Helpful tip: It could take a minute or two to receive the email. If you haven’t received the email, be sure to check your spam folder.
A graphic of the Smiirl web page, with a “Sign up” button in the front.

Connect your counter

  • Pair device

    • Once you've activated your Smiirl account and you're logged in, click on “Install”.
    • Enter your unique Counter ID in the space provided and select “Save”. It’s located on the back of the Counter.
A graphic of the Smiirl web page, with an identification number in the front.
  • Connect counter to your network

    • Choose your preferred internet connection (“Via Wi-Fi” or “Via Ethernet”), then follow the guided steps on the Smiirl site to connect.
    • Connecting to the internet takes a few minutes. The remaining flaps will go from blank to striped when it’s connected.
    • Helpful tip: Don’t click Restart unless your counter shows only 1 or 2 striped flaps.
A graphic of the Shopify Counter showing the Shopify logo and five striped displays.
  • Connect your store data

    • Select “Link my Counter”.
    • Paste your JSON URL, from Step 1, in the space provided and select “Save”. The status of your counter will change from, “Never connected” to “Connected!”
    • Helpful tip: Hold off on unplugging the counter. It may take a few minutes for orders to appear.
A graphic of the Smiirl settings page, with a “link” button in the front.