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We help high-growth consumer brands such as Netflix, SKIMS, Thermomix, and Bali Body elevate their marketing efforts with the power of reviews and social proof.

We’re a customer marketing platform and an Official Google Reviews partner that helps you capture and showcase high-impact social proof such as product ratings & reviews, customer photos & videos, and Q&A message boards."


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October 2018


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"Okendo has all the features high growth retailers need, without the crazy prices and up-selling pressure that I have experienced from other review platform vendors."

Nick Bowersox, Co-FounderMNML

"When committing to Okendo, we wanted to ensure we took full advantage of every feature they had to offer. Okendo has helped us take Kat the Label to the next level."

Kate Collinson, Ecommerce ConsultantKat the Label

"We recommended Okendo because there’s no better tool for leveraging customers’ opinions, loyalty, and networks to grow an ecomm business."

Brandon Amoroso, FounderElectriq Marketing