New York, NY, United States 設立年:2014

"Gooten is a globally distributed technology and fulfillment company that empowers brands to scale through a print-on-demand eCommerce model; maximizing profits, increasing efficiency, while minimizing risk and quality concerns. Gooten prides itself on the level of service, fulfillment expertise, and cutting-edge technology that’s delivered to business partners. This tailored experience and high-quality, scaled production allow brands in the competitive eCommerce space to succeed sustainably."


July 2022


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“I wanted a partner who was going to make it easier to scale. Gooten works because we are a dispersed company and it simplified management of our clients’ business. They reduce the elements of complexity.”

Andy Martel, Head of Artist ServicesOneLive

“Gooten’s tools are super helpful and make our lives a lot easier. The quality of print from their print network is great, the prices are reasonable, and I love how Gooten offers a ton of great products to choose from.”

Evan Jacover, Chief Technology OfficerJackbox Games