Triple Whale

Columbus, OH, United States 設立年:2021

Triple Whale is the source of truth for Shopify Plus stores.

We help brands operating at scale aggregate and analyze the right data to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our flexible, secure platform is your one-stop shop for marketing attribution, merchandising, forecasting, and more. Deep integrations within the Shopify ecosystem ensure maximum visibility and insight, building alignment on success metrics and growth targets across your entire organization.


  • Jerusalem, Israel


October 2023


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We are at the point where we live and die by what's in Triple Whale from a standpoint of performance. Even our merchandiser is starting to look at things like the product analytics to understand bundling more effectively…it's our book of truth when it comes to what's performing and what's not.

Greg Dalby, SVP OmnichannelMilk Bar

We are big advocates of Total Impact because it really aligned with everything we knew intuitively. As opposed to saying ‘this is where your click sales are happening’, what it did is show us - ‘this is where your profitability is for demand generation and for new customer growth.

Wyatt Lowe, Sr. Director of Digital GrowthMaryRuth Organics

Triple Whale plays a large part in determining where we spend our budgets. On-platform numbers are questionable and we do the best we can with that fuzzy data. However, Total Impact attribution from Triple Whale allows us to meet our clients goals by bringing the data clarity we need.

Daniel Shepherd, Strategy Lead - Paid SocialAdQuadrant