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Grow your list.
Drive more sales.

Attract, acquire, and convert new customers with Shopify Forms, a free email capture solution.

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Capture customer information to build your marketing list.

Engage and incentivize your audience with emails and discounts.

Store and pull data from a compliant platform.

Analyze metrics on a performance dashboard.

Personalize & acquire

Collect information your way

On the left are four fields for customizing your Shopify Form: discount, title, content, and styling. On the right is a large example of a red Shopify Form email capture pop-up that reads, “Let’s be friends” with a subheading, three fields below for first name, last name, and email, with a subscribe button underneath. A wide, thin, rectangular teaser version of the Shopify Form that reads, “Connect with us,” is below.

Time and target

Where and when you capture customer information is up to you with page targeting and timed triggers.

Customize for your brand

Easily add your brand colors and logo to each form. Personalize everything from titles and descriptions to post-sign up success messaging.

Offer discounts

Incentivize buyers with exclusive discount codes.

Connect & convert

Create customers for life

An example of a vibrant welcome email, featuring an image of a woman holding several shopping bags, offering 10% off an order is in the foreground. Two overlapping email templates are layered behind it.

Engage your new customers in just a few clicks with Shopify’s free automation and email tools, which work seamlessly with Shopify Forms. Flip the switch and put conversion-driven marketing campaigns on autopilot.

  • Welcome emails
  • Newsletters
  • Seasonal sales
  • Personalized recommendations

Evaluate & iterate

Data at your fingertips

Geometric shapes with a red and purple gradient are in the background. In the foreground, snapshots of analytics for form submissions and completion rate are above a field for customer segment.

First-party data

Grow your business with your data—not someone else’s. Collect, own, and leverage customer information thanks to a centralized, compliant platform.

Actionable insights

The forms dashboard lets you see how potential customers engage with your forms. Use metrics to inform and improve future campaigns.

In less than 5 minutes, we have an email pop-up form and a completely new segment of users to communicate with. We’re really excited to have this linked to welcome emails and collect new customer contact information!

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Owners, Su & Lou

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