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Your Founder Sign: The Firestarter—Outgoing, Risk-Taking, and Master of the Pitch

Illustration of The Founder's Zodiac sign, the Firestarter

After studying some of the one million business owners who use Shopify, we’ve discovered that founder types tend to fall into one of five groups. Which one are you? Start with our personality quiz.

Rebel, rebel, we love you so! You’re the life of the party, working a room like you own it. But, Firestarter, we know you’re not here for small talk: you’re shrewd, sniffing out opportunities everywhere you go. 

Firestarter strengths 🔥

What makes you so adept in business is your fearlessness. You’ll bend the rules and take risks that others may not, and often it pays off. As a Firestarter, you won’t shy away from a bet, shaking the dice and letting chance work its magic. Fate might not be on your side every time, but you’re working multiple angles anyway. Thankfully, failure doesn’t bother you. It’s all part of the game. Who has time to dwell on losses when your thrill-seeking spirit is already jumping into the next big thing?

You are a master juggler, Firestarter, acting on overlapping ideas. Sometimes it seems that you’re in two places at once, hustling toward your goals. Your energy and drive are infectious, and your social skills attract investors and enable you to build audiences quickly. Serial entrepreneurship is in your future.

Sound familiar? Take our poll to see how you stack up:

Firestarter opportunities 🎲

Because of your risk-tolerant nature, you’re bound to stumble upon one—or many—really lucrative ideas. Those successes can be confidence building, and that’s an asset in the business world. Be careful to stay humble, though, Firestarter. Your confidence could be mistaken for arrogance. While you’re generally quite self sufficient, you’ll still need to consider the input of others or build a team. Work on being a better collaborator and listener.

You may be unfazed by failure, but you’re not immune to burnout.

While you tend to be high achieving, your love of risk means you’re bound to rack up some failures. Take a pause when this happens. You may be unfazed by failure, but you’re not immune to burnout. Breathe in, breathe out. Check in with your feelings, and conduct a post-mortem to help you learn and grow from the experience. And when things are going your way? Try to enjoy the moment. Learn to lean into a good thing when you have it. 

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Fictional Firestarter: Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge confronts her father in a scene from TV's RiverdaleDean Buscher/Netflix

Who better than the matriarch of Riverdale High to be our honorary Firestarter? Veronica Lodge’s methods are often cunning (is it her fault that she has Daddy’s blood running through her veins?), but her intentions are good. And she gets results. 

I don't follow rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them.

Veronica Lodge, Riverdale

Veronica is constantly torn between her crime boss father and wholesome beau, Archie Andrews, while also juggling turf wars, BFF drama, and fighting crime. Don’t pity her, though—it’s all by design. Ronnie is a ruthless business owner, not above schemes to grow her empire, even if it means breaking a rule here and there. In true Firestarter fashion, she has her hands in more than one pocket. A girl’s gotta keep her options open, right?

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Firestarter of the animal kingdom: the raccoon

A raccoon climbing a treeDo not underestimate this wily masked creature. Racoons are true Firestarters in their ability to get what they want—despite any human efforts to keep them out of the compost bin. These Firestarters of the animal kingdom are assertive, opportunistic, and brave. Confident foragers, raccoons have no shortage of ideas to get under, over, and around obstacles to reach their goals. (Ahem, trash.)

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Illustrations by Alice Mollon