Fast Simon

Los Altos, CA, United States Business Est. 2013

Fast Simon brings integrated AI conversion optimization to automate manual work and replace expensive, complicated, long implementations by point vendors.

Designed from the ground up for automation & self-service, Fast Simon delivers AI-Search, Collection filters, Visual Discovery, Merchandising, Personalization, Similar Styles, and Complete-the-Look to increase merchants’ conversion rate and AOV.

Other locations

  • Haifa, Israel

Partner since

June 2017


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The move to InstantSearch+ gives visitors to my site a super fast autocomplete experience and a results page that not only has the right items but also any blog posts associated with what they’re looking for. The service is epic! We had very specific style requirements and the team delivered in days

Griffin Thall, CEO / Co-FounderPura Vida Bracelets

We need a search solution that anticipates what visitors want to find and InstantSearch+ does that for us. We are able to create rules that fit our shoppers’ behavior and our own requirements. That way the customers have the best chance to find what they want to buy.

Alex Cranmer, VPIMA

We found IS+ to have all the bells and whistles we wanted in a search app at an affordable price point. What’s best is that IS+’s support was there to help us get comfortable with the app, making sure we knew exactly how to set up everything we need to get in place before we pushed our new site.

Corey Frons, Director of E-commerceCoffee for Less