Shipping and fulfillment

Deliver your brand with every order.

Scale your business with shipping and fulfillment services that put your brand front and centre.

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Shopify Fulfillment Network

Fulfill orders. Exceed expectations.

We’re building the most advanced, robotics-driven fulfillment centres in the world to help high-volume businesses fulfill quickly and affordably.

Accurate inventory and orders

Powered by machine learning and robotic support, ship orders faster while keeping optimal stock across our North American centres.

Up-to-date, accessible data

Reduce errors and own your order, inventory, and customer data—synced across all fulfillment centres and channels in your Shopify admin.

Onsite support and experts

Put your brand and customer experience front and centre. A dedicated success team consults on logistics and serves as your eyes at each centre.

Working with the team at Shopify Fulfillment Network has given us the confidence to focus on other areas of our business.

Noah ChaimbergFounder, Heatonist

Find out how Heatonist uses Shopify Fulfillment Network as their third-party logistics provider.

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A hand moves a packaged box down an assembly line.

Third-party fulfillment

Move your products. Not your provider.

If you have a 3PL provider, it’s easy to integrate systems through an app partner or Shopify APIs.

Local delivery

Control how your products show up.

Cut the uncertainty of third-party carriers with hands-on local delivery to nearby customers.

  • Create the customer experience you want with end-to-end control, from checkout to front door
  • Give customers a more affordable, reliable, and timely delivery option

Local pickup

Click and collect. Fast and free.

No aisles, no line-ups, no wait times. Let online customers skip the shipping rates and checkout lines to pick up orders in store, curbside, or at other convenient locations.

Deliver the best. From checkout to front door.

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