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Selling merchandise online is the new must-have growth strategy for media brands—and what your most loyal fans crave. Get started today with this guide.

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Online selling opened a new chapter for the media and entertainment industry. Discover how brands are using ecommerce as a new marketing channel with insights from industry experts.

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Consumers are looking for original merch that shows their unique interest in movies and television. Learn how selling merch online can grow your loyal fanbase with the media merchandising flywheel.

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From selling globally to speed to market, media brands are reaping the rewards of selling online. Explore how media brand, ViacomCBS, is using ecommerce with an in-depth case study.

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Projected growth for the television merchandise market from 2020 to 2025


Average number of days it takes to start selling online with Shopify Plus

With the right marketing, content, and merchandise alignment, product becomes more than marketing—it drives profit towards the entire program.

Media and Entertainment Playbook, p.10

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