10 Shopify Stores You Can Browse in Augmented Reality Today

shopify augmented reality examples

When we launched Shopify AR, we wanted to give merchants the tools to create their own augmented reality shopping experiences.

Two months later, we’ve been blown away by what these companies have built through Shopify AR and how they are using the technology to bring their products to life in front of their customers.

We want to share with you ten examples of stores using augmented reality powered by Shopify, spanning different industries and use cases.

Before you read: For the best experience, read this article in Safari on an iOS 12 device if you have access to one. That way you can try out each product yourself in AR.

10 examples of augmented reality shopping

1. Seinfeld Set Replica

From the Production Designer who helped create the set for Seinfeld—an American favorite among 90s sitcoms—comes the Seinfeld Set Replica: a miniature version of the iconic apartment that you can buy online.

With Shopify AR, you can not only view the replica in your apartment but move in to look at different details and take yourself on a tour of the set.


See the Seinfeld Set Replica in AR

2. Instant Pot

The long list of features available with the Instant Pot pressure cooker is easy to spot on the product when you examine it in person.

With the 3D model viewable in AR, you can get a close up of the “9-in-1” uses available on the front panel, or view the vent on top as you walk around the product in the comfort of your own space.


See the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 in AR

3. Bethesda

Fallout is one of Bethesda’s most popular video game franchises, and with physical merchandise, fans can take home a piece of its post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Amongst all the neat products inspired by the open-world games, the T-51 Power Armor Speaker is one of the higher-end items that you can pop open in AR to see what it would look like as part of your current entertainment setup.


See the T-51 Power Armor Speaker in AR

4. Nomatic

Nomatic’s travel gear boasts a lot of compartments and promises comfort for life on the go.

While their product photos showcase the features on the inside of their bags, you can also spin a 3D model around in AR to see every zipper, buckle, and pocket on the outside. Or through your mobile camera, you can compare it next to real life objects, like the old backpack you want to replace.


See the Nomatic Backpack in AR

5. Treat a Dog

Buying a new bed is a big decision, and no less so when you’re buying one for your dog.

With an AR-enabled product page, Treat a Dog empowers shoppers to place a 3D version of the PupLounge memory foam dog bed in various corners of their home, even letting them adjust the size to find the best fit for their dog.


See the PupLounge Memory Foam Bed in AR

6. Pure Cycles

Pure Cycles was an early adopter of Shopify AR, and their Urban Commuter bike was one of the first products the company chose to model in 3D.

Bikes naturally have many moving parts from different manufacturers, and in AR, you can literally walk up and lean in to assess the drivetrain, the handlebars, or any part of the bike without stepping foot into a bike shop.


See the Urban Commuter in AR


Another early adopter of Shopify AR, HORNE has a collection of unique, high-end home decor items.

With AR assisting interior design choices, customers can see how furniture complements their personal space to buy with confidence.


See the Signal SI333 Desk Lamp in AR

8. Biolite

Biolite specializes in innovative camping gear that efficiently produces heat, light, and electricity outdoors when you’re miles away from a power outlet.

AR lets customers examine their products in the contexts they would be used: forest clearings, a mountain trail, or even your backyard.


See the Campstove2 in AR

9. EditorsKeys

EditorsKeys makes shortcut keyboards for audio and video editors and post-production professionals.

For many of them, their studios are sacred. As such, AR helps these customers visualize what an EditorsKeys keyboard would look like on their desks before they buy. They can even lean in to read each shortcut key on the 3D model.


See the After Effects Keyboard in AR

10. Supercell

Supercell is the development company behind the wildly popular mobile games, like Clash of Clans.

Their online store offers fans the chance to proudly showcase their love for the favorite games by adorning their space with small collectibles.

The Stone Barbarian King statue is a prominent icon in your village in the game, and a worthy buy for any avid player. And through AR, customers can see it occupy the space on their desk or shelf before they hit checkout.


See the Stone Barbarian King Statue in AR

Getting your Shopify store AR-ready

In the span of two months, we’ve seen many inspiring examples of augmented reality shopping experiences created through Shopify AR. But the use cases for AR don’t stop at browsing products.

Interested in harnessing augmented reality to take your customer’s shopping experience to the next level? Learn more here: www.shopify.com/ar.