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Dr. Squatch leverages Shop Pay and Shop Pay Installments to create a frictionless commerce experience for customers

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Dr. Squatch has changed the approach to men’s hygiene by making natural and healthy products that smell great and work. The brand is highly focused on creating a great customer experience, both with its products and its online technology. When it came to online payment options, Dr. Squatch was looking for something that was seamless for customers, but also saved the brand resources. 

Using Shopify Payments to easily accept payments online was a no-brainer not only for its cost effectiveness, but it also unlocked Shop Pay and Shop Pay Installments for the brand. Dr. Squatch could not only make it easier and faster for customers to checkout with Shop Pay, but it could lower the barriers for customers to purchase more of the products they love without late fees with Shop Pay Installments. Since every Shop order is carbon offset, Dr. Squatch can continue to scale its sustainability mission without adding complexity.

A big focus for us is frictionless commerce. A large part of that is how quickly and easily customers can checkout and the experience tracking their order post-purchase. You get out of it what you put into it, so we’re taking full advantage of the Shopify Payments ecosystem and we see that in the customer experience and results.

Dr. Squatch

Stephen Pinto — Director of Products, Ecommerce


Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

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Shopify Plus

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Marketing, Cost Effectiveness

Với Shopify, Dr. Squatch đã nhanh chóng đạt được kết quả.


increase in conversion rate on mobile with Shop Pay


increase in AOV with orders through Shop Pay Installments


of customers are using Shop Pay

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