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As your business grows and becomes increasingly complex, 42 is here to help with retail reporting and analytics. 42 was built with retail users in mind, providing turn-key installation to custom data source integration for data needs. Use the 42 platform to understand merchandising needs, automate complex reporting, and expand reporting outside of Shopify channels (e.g. wholesale, POS, marketplaces). 42 works with top Shopify Plus merchants, including Faherty, FIGS, and Andie Swim.

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  • Brooklyn, United States

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April 2022


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Every morning I get my morning reports from 42 to get a full sense of all of our channels, all of our business units, all of our KPIs

Alex Faherty, CEOFaherty

I don't think you'll find anyone better than 42 as a partner...42 is a technology company that can help transform our industry.

Uri Minkoff, CEORebecca Minkoff

The easiest thing about starting with 42 was how user-friendly it is, and how quickly you could get up to speed. I literally just think about what I want to know and then I drag and drop the bubbles.

Kristina Shiroka, VP Merchandising and PlanningDôen