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BlenderBottle enjoys 600% return on ad spend performance with Shopify Audiences

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For most people, a lumpy protein shake inspires a bad mood. For Steve Sorensen, it inspired a trip to the hardware store. A few twisted pieces of wire later, Sorensen landed on the prototype for what is now the iconic BlenderBall® wire whisk. Co-founded in 2000 by entrepreneurial partners Steve and Kim Sorensen, the BlenderBottle® brand has seen strong and steady growth ever since. Once a home-based startup with a staff of two, Trove Brands (parent company to BlenderBottle) is now a market-leading global enterprise, with products sold in over 100,000 retail outlets, 90+ countries, and an ever-evolving portfolio of brands.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and finding new buyers becomes more challenging, BlenderBottle is always exploring new customer acquisition solutions. That’s why it became an early adopter of Shopify Audiences—which allows brands to find new customers via high-intent audiences that help ads perform better while decreasing conversion costs. Excited by the ability to use Shopify’s unique view on purchase intent, the brand has been using Shopify Audiences to create audiences for their prospecting campaigns.

The initial results for BlenderBottle exceeded expectations. Shopify Audiences now plays an important role in the brand’s customer acquisition efforts. BlenderBottle trusts the quality of the audience lists generated by Shopify and has run successful campaigns because of it. The product has also served as a source to power lookalike campaigns with ease. The reliability of Shopify Audiences has enhanced the BlenderBottle brand’s top-of-funnel advertising and made it easier to find new high-intent buyers.

Install Shopify Audiences.

With Shopify Plus, BlenderBottle saw results fast.

  • Easily powered lookalike campaigns
  • Improved ad targeting and performance
  • Increased Return on Ad Spend

With the growing difficulty of finding new customers, Shopify Audiences has been key to getting our campaign performance back to where we need it to be. We have loved creating high-intent audiences and have really seen our targeting and performance improve, with return on ad spend as high as 6x. It’s now a key part of our advertising strategy.


Chase Waters — Director of Digital Marketing, Trove Brands-


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