Manage your growing business

Make your business work with a powerful back office management suite.

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Centralized order management

Simplify fulfillment with centralized order management

Get your products where they need to be with streamlined inventory, orders, fulfillment, and shipping.

A merchant manages their store via the Shopify mobile app.

Inventory management

Save time and money with tools that help you manage, monitor and move your inventory across multiple locations.

Order management and fulfillment

Get orders where they’re going sooner with the shipping and fulfillment methods that work for you.

Returns and refunds

Increase customer trust with headache free returns and refunds that are easy to manage.

Business automation tools

Scale your business with custom automations

From simple automations to multi-step workflows, Flow automates repetitive tasks so you can focus on your business.
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Analytics and reporting

All the commerce insights you need to grow your business

View key metrics at a glance, dig deeper for more insights and slice and dice your data‚ all in one place.

An overview dashboard on the Shopify admin, showing total sales, returning customer rate, and online store sessions.

Pre-built reports

Spot trends and opportunities with access to on-demand data and analytics.

Overview dashboard

See the big picture more clearly. Access dozens of metrics across every key aspect of your business.

Live metrics

Access a detailed overview of how your store is performing at any moment. Track traffic, reach, orders, and revenue—all in real time.

Advanced analytics

Write your own data story with Shopify Plus. Explore, visualize, and analyze your store’s data using ShopifyQL Notebooks.

Business finance tools

Manage your money with financial tools built for entrepreneurs

The easiest way to make, manage, and grow your money with integrated finance tools.

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Shopify Capital

Fast, flexible funding to grow your business. Accept your offer and receive funds in as little as a few days. Minimal paperwork, no personal credit checks, and zero guesswork.
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Shopify's centralized inventory and order management makes it easy to get orders to customers, so we can spend more time growing our business


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Shopify Mobile App

The power of Shopify in the palm of your hand

Run your business on the go by managing products, payments, shipping, and fulfillment, all from our mobile app.

A mobile phone with the Shopify app on screen, showing product inventory in an online store.

Real-time reporting

Stay in control wherever you go with accurate, up-to-the-minute reporting on traffic, sales, and conversions.

Add products

Easily add products from anywhere. Upload new or existing photos, edit details, set pricing, and more.

Manage inventory

Keep inventory under control no matter where you are. Use your mobile device to scan, transfer, and keep accurate counts of inventory.

Fulfill orders

Get hands-on with your fulfillment. Print packing slips, create shipping labels, and fulfill orders all from your mobile device.

Every tool you need to power your business

A grid of product tiles including Shop Pay, sales metrics, and fulfillment tracking.

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