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LeSportsac grew orders 37% through unified multi-channel ecommerce

Two models holding LeSportsac bags

Four decades after it first opened for business, the decision makers at LeSportsac knew it was time for change.

The lifestyle company and maker of famous handbags, luggage, and accessories found its ecommerce platform never quite stacked up to its brand ideals. With Shopify Plus, LeSportsac has enjoyed:

  • Units per order grown by 37%
  • A boost in average order value by 20%
  • An increase in conversion rate by 7%
  • Ecommerce sales up 12%


LeSportsac was finding its online experience never matched the feel of shopping with the brand in real life.

Sometimes visitors saw code on its website. Updates and changes to its backend took months to implement. When traffic spiked, a crash would often follow.

So, the team searched for a fix, all the while sitting with an unusual problem: how can an already-thriving brand push for even greater heights?

The answer was found in a common denominator.

We started looking at other companies, other brands and experiences that we liked. We started realizing that Shopify Plus was involved in all of them. We’re like, ‘Oh, my God. This is Shopify Plus! And this is Shopify Plus!


Berly Isaak — Head of Global Marketing


Step one was to create a web presence that worked, plain and simple. LeSportsac partnered with Shopify Plus to offer a simplified backend and a clean, smart frontend.

“I think you had to scrape my jaw up from the floor after seeing how quick and easy it was,” Mallory Rosen, LeSportsac’s ecommerce manager, says of the company’s migration.

Data — in particular, customer segmentation and personalization — became key assets to this overhaul, allowing LeSportsac to give each shopper a custom experience based on their previous engagement with the brand.

LeSportsac found that, with Shopify Plus, it was finally able to effectively communicate its brand and what it stood for across all its channels.

LeSportsac’s responsive online store on Shopify Plus

There’s a very strong cohesion in all aspects of our branding now, from store to advertising to the website. There’s no word in the dictionary to describe how completely different it is.


Mallory Rosen — Ecommerce Manager


LeSportsac bags

“Every week, I ask, ‘Oh, how were sales?’” says Isaak. “And Mallory will tell me, ‘They’re good!’”

Indeed, LeSportsac was at once the same company and an entirely new one, too. This was still the same hallmark, legacy lifestyle brand, but it had achieved a new level in its online presence, which finally provided LeSportsac the ability to properly broadcast its in-store shopping experience to shoppers in every corner of the world.

There is just so much opportunity now. I feel so incredibly hopeful, because I can really, truly say we can only go up from here.


Berly Isaak — Head of Global Marketing


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