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Gorgias is a one-of-a-kind customer service platform specifically designed for ecommerce businesses to deliver effortless customer service at every stage of growth.

We revolutionize how online stores interact with their customers by providing personalized support across email, voice, SMS, live chat, and social media channels.

Gorgias currently serves 14,000+ merchants in the ecommerce space, including Steve Madden, Glossier, and TUSHY.


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June 2017


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The Gorgias team has been super helpful in transitioning from ZenDesk. We also really love the macros, and how intuitive and easy to use it is!

Ardy, CEOOrukayak

Made the switch from Zendesk and haven't looked back. Setup was fast and simple. The team is super responsive, and helpful. Platform is very intuitive, and straightforward. Great for shopify webstores!!

Ian, CEOMnml

Great platform and even better support. We have used Fusedesk and Desk before and this is way better than both of them.

Mark, CEOStationeryHQ

Thanks to Gorgias, we've drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to resolve customers' inquiries. In addition, the team at Gorgias has been extremely responsive to our questions, and flexible in adapting their platform to our needs.

Dave Szymaszek, Head of Customer ExperienceMarine Layer

AI will help us transform ourselves into deeper thinkers, by taking over simple, standardized functions. Gorgias is getting ahead by doing that for customer support. Brands should use Gorgias because they’re becoming the center of the AI revolution and that is the standard customers are expecting.

Ron Shah, CEO and Co-founderObvi

Gorgias is a great tool — streamlined and connected with Shopify in a straightforward way that makes it easy to handle customer orders.

Addison Debter, Head of Customer ServiceKirby Allison