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Shopify is committed to maintaining the trust of our millions of merchants and their customers around the globe. We know that transparency is essential to that trust, and we want our merchants, customers, and partners to understand how we safeguard their personal information.


In some cases, Shopify may be compelled to produce personal information to third parties. We only do so when we are required by a court order or similar legal process. When we are allowed to inform the data subject, we do. Even if we are not permitted to inform the individual, we publicly disclose the aggregate number of requests we receive here.

We have strict rules around when we will produce personal information to third parties. You can read more about those rules in our Guidelines on Legal Requests for Information

Each Transparency Report provides data on how these principles are applied in practice.

More information about data protection at Shopify can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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Shopify is committed to protecting the privacy of our merchants, customers, partners, and everyone who entrusts us with their personal information. For more information about our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Policy or contact Shopify’s Data Protection Officer at

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