Make your workflows work for you

Learn how to save your team time and money with this practical introduction to ecommerce automation.

Do it twice, optimize. Do it three times, automate.

What is ecommerce automation?

Automation turns time-consuming workarounds into time-saving workflows. Explore the most popular types of automations—from fulfillment to customer loyalty—and how to reduce common tasks.

How can you automate your business?

Start automating in minutes with Shopify Plus automation tools and templates. Learn how to create workflows across your online store and apps, customize your checkout, and schedule sales events.

Whose time are you saving?

Automating manual tasks lets your teams get back to the work that counts. Discover how to make the most of interconnected roles and departments, including customer service, fraud prevention, and marketing.

Ecommerce automation gives your team back their most valuable resource. Time.


Hours saved by businesses using Shopify Flow


Years saved by businesses using Shopify Flow

[Automated workflows] result in future sales we otherwise might miss.

Mehmet Dokumcu — Executive Vice President of Digital & Commerce, Good American

Focus on the work that counts. Automate the rest.