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Powering more than 10% of all US ecommerce with 5.5B orders processed, Shopify is the premier enterprise B2C platform for growth.

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Designed for impact

Better results start on Shopify

The world’s fastest-growing and most loved consumer brands are all on Shopify for four simple reasons.

Higher sales

Sell more, in more markets, on more channels, with the world’s best checkout and omnichannel tools.

Increased efficiency

Free up developers to focus on key projects with a platform that lets teams make simple updates.

Elevated engagement

Launch expressive, immersive, and customisable experiences that convert across all sales channels.

Global infrastructure

Always keep your customers connected with 300 points of presence worldwide.

15%Higher conversion

Shopify's checkout converts 15% higher on average, and up to 36% better than competitors.

ThousandsOf commerce engineers

Shopify has a giant engineering team, 100% dedicated to making commerce better for everyone.

20 yearsOf innovation

We perfected our platform over 2 decades, powering over 3 million brands in 175 countries.


Fast and immersive storefronts, for however you build

Design and deploy the most effective, distinctive online storefronts, optimised for conversion and rapid revenue growth. Shopify storefronts can help to boost sales, slash costs, and save time.

Custom online store

Build your own theme

Pick from 100+ proven Shopify themes, all with selling and conversion features built right in. Then customise it using Shopify’s easy-to-use visual editor.

Image of a Shopify theme storefront in front of the theme editor tool

Leave the maintenance to us

Monitoring uptime, optimising for speed, and keeping bots at bay is managed by Shopify. So whether you’re doing a big drop or launching in a new country, you know your store is safe, reliable, and running fast.

Drag and drop

Effortlessly add pages and switch up the layout with Shopify’s online store editor, as well as metaobjects and metafields.

Sell worldwide or wholesale

Show different products and pricing to international and B2B customers with contextual storefronts.

Headless commerce

Build your own bespoke storefront

Get the storefront and the flexibility your business needs by either using Shopify’s headless stack or bringing your own framework of choice.

Design showing code within Shopify

Launch fast with Hydrogen & Oxygen

Fast-track development with Hydrogen, Shopify’s React-based toolkit, and host for free on Oxygen, Shopify's global hosting solution. Skip the setup with flexible UI components, hooks, and utilities—all optimised for commerce and preconfigured for Shopify’s APIs.

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Choose your own stack

Build with the tools you already use and love, with no vendor lock-in. Use Shopify’s Storefront API with your preferred framework and programming language, manage business operations with Shopify's backend, or use your own API-based ERP, CMS, and 3P integrations.

Platform features

A platform that’s more than capable

However you build your storefronts, Shopify’s capabilities are included, or you can integrate your preferred third party systems.

Product catalogue

Integrate and sync product information, pricing, and collections from any source.

Content management

Deliver rich content experiences for your storefront using Shopify’s custom data models or your existing CMS.

Custom data models

Build custom metafields and metaobjects that model your unique business data and extend core business workflows.

Search and discovery

Help customers find relevant products through our powerful AI-enabled search that’s modeled on product and user signals.


The world’s best converting,
fully customisable, checkout

Shopify has the best-converting checkout on the internet, outpacing the competition by up to 36%, and by 15% on average. Our fully customisable checkout is lightning fast, secure, trusted by millions of buyers around the globe, and designed to help enterprises be compliant with ever-evolving standards and regulations.

Screenshot of Shopify’s checkout next to a design element showing what’s editable
Fully customisable
Make fast, secure, and upgrade-safe modifications with Checkout Extensibility—our composable, app-based customisation toolset. Build custom checkout experiences with our library of UI components, automatically inherit your brand settings, modify back-end logic, and connect checkout to your business systems with Shopify Functions.
Identity-powered checkouts
Checkout customisations work seamlessly with Shop Pay, the only fully customisable one-tap checkout. With over 100M instantly recognisable buyers, Shop Pay can lift conversion by up to 50% compared to guest checkout. Checkout customisations also work with PayPal, Apple Pay, and over 100 payment providers.
Lightning fast at scale
Shopify’s checkout is lightning fast. Our relentlessly optimised platform enables up to 40,000 checkouts per shop, per minute, making us the platform of choice for the world’s largest flash sellers.
Global stability and security
Convert in global markets by adapting checkout to regional formats, with support for localised duties and taxes and easy multi-language support. Our checkout also helps companies comply with ever-evolving privacy and data regulations including GDPR, CCPA, WCAG, and PCI DSS.

Platform advantages

Next-level tools, only on Shopify

Because of Shopify’s scale, access to data, and partnerships, we’re able to build unique products that no other platform can offer.

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Shop Pay

Tap into a growing network of 150M+ buyers from around the world opted into Shop Pay. Buyers can shop, pay, and track their orders right through the Shop App.

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Shopify Audiences

Find more customers and lower CAC by up to 50%* on top ad platforms with custom audience lists and insights available only on Shopify.

Icon showing a grid of squares representing integrations

Pre-built integrations

Skip custom integrations across major and emerging social channels and marketplaces. On Shopify, you'll always be on the forefront with pre-built social and marketplace integrations.

*Ad campaigns using the latest version of Shopify Audiences for targeting have demonstrated as much as 50% lower customer acquisition costs, compared to campaigns relying solely on ad platform targeting. Results may vary.

Join millions of merchants on the most powerful B2C platform

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If your checkout doesn’t perform, you’re not making money. When customers land in a Shopify Checkout, they feel a sense of familiarity and trust that often leads to higher conversion rates.

  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Ranil Wiratunga — Chief Digital Officer and Global GM of DTC
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Why Shopify

Commerce to the core

With an exclusive focus on commerce since day one, Shopify has spent 20 years perfecting B2C selling. That’s why Shopify was named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ with the highest ability to execute of any platform.

Lightning-fast innovation

Innovate faster with hundreds of platform updates every year.

Enterprise scale

Always perform on the platform that powers billions of transactions.

Unparalleled efficiency

Get more done with an easy-to-use platform designed for all business users.

Built-in security

Scale confidently and manage teams with a flexible, efficient access management system.

Established partnerships
with the best in commerce

Partner with agencies and global system integrators that work with the world's biggest brands to consult on implementation, build, and delivery.

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