19 Stunning Websites Built On Shopify

Looking for inspiration for your new website? Revamping your online store? 

Look no further as we bring to you 19 stunning e-commerce websites built on Shopify that are creative, deliver the right message and engage customers in a way that drives successful outcomes for businesses. Apart from having the right colours, easy navigation and a user-friendly interface, these websites just make you want to purchase their products right away!


  • Headphone Zone
  • With stunning images that capture your imagination and easy-to-understand content to keep you hooked, you will get into the “music zone” just by visiting this website! The website does justice to their claim of being “India’s finest headphone store”, with a comprehensive home page that captures the depth of product options.


  • Earth Rhythm
  • The website is as calming and soothing as the name. The way in which they’ve demonstrated the skincare range, with product shots that are supported by amazing copies, this website does everything right! If you’re thinking of a light and calm layout for your website, then you should definitely look up Earth Rhythm for inspiration.

  • Cosmix
  • Cosmix defines their brand as “science-based drinkable skincare”, but what does that even mean? Their informative and illustrative website will answer this question for customers as soon as they land on it. The pastel colour scheme adds to the wellness quotient that the brand promises and easy navigation urges customers to take the “healthy step” right away! A website like this that persuades customers to take action is what every website goals are made of. 

  • MCaffeine
  • This website will make one believe in the goodness of caffeine! MCaffeine is India’s first​ caffeinated personal care brand with an exciting range of caffeine products for young and aspiring millennials. The way they have illustrated their products and added interactive problem-solving elements makes this website a delight to scroll through. 

  • Traya
  • Traya will convince you to ‘try’ their products. Their homepage features bold colours and a fun creative that will definitely make you smile when you land on it. The homepage also features their well-designed products and a very clever doctor’s prescription. This website will surely convince customers to “take the hair test”! You can look up to this website for a well-designed layout with elegant support copy.

    Food and beverage

  • Yogabar
  • Ironically, this website has got nothing to do with yoga! In fact, it’s a food website. Yogabar is a nutrition-led food company offering a range of healthy snack options such as Protein Bars, Muesli, Peanut Butters, and Gluten-Free Oats. The vibrant colours of their pack shots enhanced further by the bold product photography, make product discovery & awareness a breeze. 

  • Two Brothers
  • You’re thinking right, the business was started by two brothers and the website is as straightforward as the name. With multiple navigation options and a minimalistic layout, this is one of the best examples of a website that is visually great and also highly user-friendly. The motion carousel and lively colour scheme make the website pleasing to browse through. They even have an attention grabbing video feature on the homepage itself; a great way to engage customers & increase time spent engaging with the brand on the website. 

  • Dohful
  • A play on the words dough and full, Dohful is an Indian company that deals in soft-baked, handcrafted cookies. Their website features stunning product shots that are surely going to make one drool! They have used the Shopify theme brilliantly to ensure their products get the limelight they deserve.

  • Blue Tribe
  • This is probably the only website that sells meat but would still appeal to vegetarians. Wondering how? They sell “plant based” meat! The website is filled with shots of different types of meat, but the copies elegantly explain that it’s plant-based meat and good for health. The homepage displays a motion carousel featuring product shots and celebrities to build product awareness and authenticity. Additionally, the playful colour scheme gives a happy vibe to further propagate the idea of this being a brand dedicated to positive change. 

  • Vahdam Teas
  • A legacy of over 80 years in the Indian tea industry and a eureka moment is what led to the creation of VAHDAM India. Their website is incredibly comprehensive with loads of information, including their products, reviews, testimonials, videos and social media feed. What stands out here is their use of fonts on the homepage to build a content hierarchy. You should definitely take inspiration from this website if you plan to play around with fonts too.

  • Blue Tokai
  • The name itself makes one wonder what this website is all about? Blue Tokai Coffee Roastery is India's largest specialty coffee brand. Their website is simple and minimalistic. The cool blue and white colour scheme resonates with the calming effect of coffee. This website is an excellent example of using colours that complement your brand and products.

  • Sleepy Owl
  • Sleepy Owl is an Indian coffee brand that offers a wide range of premium coffees. While their products are a treat for coffee-lovers’ taste buds, their very stunning website is a treat for every customer’s eyes! Their usage of bold colours across the website catches the consumer’s attention at every step. This website serves as an inspiration for anyone who is looking to go for a bold and multicolour palette. 

    Home Decor

  • The Wishing Chair
  • No, it’s not a chair that grants three wishes! In fact, The Wishing chair is a brand that deals in handcrafted homeware. Their website gives all the vintage feels that will make customers “wish” to own a piece of homeware from here. And if you can make customers wish to buy from you, then you’ve already aced the website game!

  • Fabuliv
  • Fabuliv is the way to live! And their website will convince you of it. Customers appreciate visuals that aid product information and this website features loads of imagery featuring their contemporary furniture and minimalist designs. The structure and layout of the website makes customers click on that “Buy Now” option sooner rather than later! 

    Fashion & Grooming

  • Urban Monkey
  • Urban monkey is a brand that is biased towards the right brain and offers some of the best Indian Streetwear products. Their website is just as creative as their designs. The website imbibes the ‘drip’ culture & showcases the street style vibe perfectly. If your website can take customers on a journey of their own like this one, you’re already on the right track. 

  • Raw Mango
  • Raw mango is a brand that deals in exclusive sarees, garments and other articles. Their website, with its minimalist flavour and a left hand navigation menu really stands out. The side navigation menu ensures that the consumer never really takes their eyes of the products. Add their stunning visuals and the parallax scroll to the mix and the overall browsing experience is extremely engaging. Raw Mango claims that they draw from the colours, philosophies and cultures of India to create a unique voice and perspective through design and this can not only be seen in their products but also their website.  


  • Nurserylive
  • With “happiness while gardening” as their main motto, this website gives you fun facts and tutorials related to gardening along with selling plants. Their cool colour scheme coupled with clever quotes about plants leaves a feel-good vibe with the customers. The amazing visuals blossom in your mind and keep you hooked even if you’re not a plant enthusiast. So if you’re selling a product like this which many people may not be fond of or acquainted with, there’s some inspiration blooming right here. 

  • Phool
  • Phool is an Indian company that recycles used flowers from temples to make biodegradable packaging, bio-leathers, essential oils, candle votives and more. Their use of custom illustrations and banners with motion graphics is what makes this website extremely pleasing for the eyes. The colour scheme complements the products and the detailing in the banners will leave you awestruck.

  • Nicobar
  • A combination of fashion and home decor, this website will inspire you with its stunning illustrations, vivid photography and well-organised sectionals. The website complements their philosophy of modern and mindful designs.


    We’ve handpicked the above websites to highlight the importance of making a good first impression. However, while it is important that your website looks good, it is equally important that it converts. 

    So take inspiration and get started on a website of your own with Shopify! 

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