Checkout Extensibility

Upgrading to Checkout Extensibility

Find all the resources you need to upgrade from checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility.

Checkout Extensibility

What is Checkout Extensibility?

Checkout Extensibility is a suite of powerful platform features that make it easier to customize your checkout in a way that's app-based, upgrade-safe, performant, and seamlessly integrated with Shop Pay.

With Checkout Extensibility, you can make no-code customizations using apps and branding tools, or use our collection of components and APIs to build more bespoke checkout experiences.

Explore the features included with Checkout Extensibility

Checkout editor

Easily edit the logo, font, colors, and background of your checkout and add new functionality by installing apps in the all-new drag-and-drop editor.

Checkout apps

Add new functionality to your checkout, including UI extensions, custom logic, post-purchase pages, and pixels—without touching code.

Customer events

Securely manage pixel tracking for your online store and checkout from a single location.

Checkout Branding API

Dramatically transform your checkout to your desire, including matching the style of your online store.

Custom business logic

Use Shopify Functions to create custom business logic to validate cart and checkout information and customize payment and delivery methods.

Components for custom apps

Build bespoke customizations by developing custom apps with Shopify Functions, checkout UI extensions, web pixel app extensions, and post-purchase extensions.

Checkout.liquid will be turned off in stages

August 13, 2024

Information, Shipping, & Payment pages

August 28, 2025

Thank you & Order status pages*

*including apps using script tags and additional scripts

Checkout.liquid deprecation

Start planning your upgrade today

We’re investing in Checkout Extensibility as the sole way to customize Shopify Checkout.

View a personalized customizations report in your Shopify admin to see a list of your existing checkout.liquid customizations. Use the report’s guidance to start planning your upgrade to Checkout Extensibility today.

View customizations report

Explore the benefits of upgrading to Checkout Extensibility:

Increased speed and conversion

Checkout Extensibility is built on the latest platform technology, with 2X faster checkout interactions and page transitions that increase conversion over 1% on average.

Integration with Shop Pay

Add any or all of your customizations to Shop Pay, creating a consistent experience for your customers while benefiting from Shop Pay's 4X faster checkout experience.

Powerful new checkout features

Gain access to new checkout features—like one-page checkout, Shopify’s bundles offering, stackable discounts, and more—when you upgrade to Checkout Extensibility.


Unlike using checkout.liquid, you never need to perform a checkout upgrade again, so you get access to new checkout features as soon as they’re available.

Enhanced security

Checkout Extensibility is powered by a set of Shopify UI components and APIs that run in a sandboxed environment, allowing you to benefit from additional security.

Consistent buying experience

Checkout Extensibility is now available for Plus merchants on the Thank you and Order status pages, so you can upgrade your entire checkout flow from start to finish.


Find everything you need to upgrade

View a personalized customizations report in your Shopify admin to see a list of your existing checkout.liquid customizations. Use the report’s guidance to start planning your upgrade to Checkout Extensibility today.

View customizations report 
Models wearing brightly-colored Nufferton clothing

Speed is a big part of the reason we went with Checkout Extensibility in the first place. Faster checkouts make buyers more confident in their purchases, which helps us improve conversion and reduce checkout abandonment.

  • Jake Fox — Senior Ecommerce Developer, Monos
  • MONOS 
Models wearing brightly-colored Nufferton clothing

One page checkout is a game changer for reducing friction—especially with shipping automatically calculated right in front of you.

  • Emma Kula — Stellar Eats' Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
  • Stellar Eats 
Models wearing brightly-colored Nufferton clothing

Shopify’s one-page checkout makes buying from us really straightforward for customers by showing them all the information they need to transact with confidence, faster.

  • George Sarnetsky — Hemlock & Oak's Chief Operating Officer
  • Hemlock & Oak 
Models wearing brightly-colored Nufferton clothing

Checkout Extensibility solves many of the technical challenges, allowing a solo developer like myself to move more quickly in solving actual problems and letting Shopify handle much of the underlying complexity

Map your checkout.liquid customizations to Checkout Extensibility


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