Manage the business, not just the store

Running a successful brand is enough work. Your commerce software should be the easy part.

Ecommerce automation

Spend less time,
get more done

Let your team focus on the work that counts. Automate the rest.

  • Build custom capabilities that help your business grow
  • Turn manual tasks into automated workflows across all your stores
  • Take the stress out of sales with event scheduling
  • Add custom discounts, promotions, and shipping rates to your checkout with Shopify Functions

Hours saved by Shopify Plus brands using Shopify Flow


Higher average order value with automated promotions from Shopify Functions

The more you automate with tools like Flow, the more money a business can make. It’s allowed us to run three Shopify stores without hiring an employee for each one.

Julio Giannotti — Web Manager, Scandinavian Designs

Reporting and analytics

Get the full picture of your business

See your performance across channels, regions, and segments so you can predict demand and set goals.

  • Analyze key metrics with built-in insights and reports across your business
  • View data from your entire tech stack right in Shopify through Shopify APIs and SDKs
  • Understand customer segments and buyer behavior for targeted marketing and cross-selling
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Shopify Plus puts me in a position of power, a position of knowledge over predicting what’s going to be next. And I can do that halfway across the world, from the phone in my pocket.

Hussein Suleiman — Co-founder, Daily Paper

Global operations

Run online, retail, and B2B in one place

Centralize every part of your business on one platform.

  • Create new stores in minutes, and manage your global business in one place
  • Ship products from Canada and the U.S. around the world with Shopify Fulfillment Network
  • Process and see all your online and in-store transactions with Shopify POS and Payments
  • Manage inventory across all your locations so you never run out of stock
  • Sync your online B2B and DTC products, customers, and payments on one platform

Shopify Plus offers an out-of-the-box solution that could be tailored to our needs, as well as proven reliability, which is critical for establishing customer confidence.

Sarah Znideric — Client Success Director, Good Growth

Customer data

Own your data, own your brand

Take control over your customer relationship from end to end. Then win your customers’ loyalty with targeted marketing, merchandising, and discounts made just for them through Shopify Functions.


Shopify Plus Partners

Work only with the best

Whatever your business needs, there’s a partner for that. Shopify Plus Certified Apps and Partners build custom solutions that scale with the biggest brands in the world.

Find a Shopify Plus Partner

One of the biggest advantages of Shopify Plus is the peace of mind we get being with the biggest platform with the biggest players on it.

Justin Gaggino — Chief Operating Officer, HiSmile

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