Chip & Swipe Reader Now Available to all U.S. Businesses

Selling in person with Shopify has never been easier.

Beautiful, simple, and secure, Shopify’s first in-house designed hardware—our new Chip & Swipe Reader—is now shipping in the U.S.

In April, we unveiled our latest addition to the Shopify POS hardware family, and started shipping pre-orders in July. Now, we’re excited to announce that the Chip & Swipe Reader is available to all U.S. Shopify merchants.

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Building for the Future of Retail

It’s a widely-held myth that retail is dead. While department stores and big-box chains are shuttering locations everywhere, in-person selling is thriving thanks to specialty boutiques, experiential retail, and multichannel strategies. Smart retailers have recognized that the old way of selling no longer works, and have evolved to respond to customer shopping habits.

We designed the Chip & Swipe Reader with the future of retail in mind. Its versatility and affordability meets the needs of merchants selling in person, whether it’s in store, or at a pop-up, festival, or market.

We’re taking hardware seriously as part of our effort to provide you with the tools you need to succeed and meet the changing demands of your customers.

Affordable, Versatile Hardware

Developing the new Chip & Swipe Reader is part of an ongoing effort to improve your Shopify POS experience. We continually strive to provide a consistent experience across all channels. In 2016, we brought hardware expertise in-house to build a reader that embodies our high standard for quality across our products.

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

With every decision we make, we aim to take the path that leads to more entrepreneurs. To do that, it was important for us to not only create beautifully-designed hardware, but also hardware that’s accessible to the most merchants possible.

Free for store owners new to Shopify POS (and $29 for everyone else), it’s an affordable solution with powerful features:

  • Pocket-sized and wireless with a long battery life for sell-anywhere versatility
  • Secure EMV chip technology with industry-leading encryption
  • Seamless integration between Shopify POS and your online store to get a detailed snapshot of the entire business

Read more about the features of our Chip and Swipe Reader.

If you’re already selling with Shopify POS and have claimed a free reader in the past, upgrade your hardware for only $29 USD.

Ready to get started with the best POS system for small business? Order your free Chip & Swipe Reader and download the Shopify POS app for iOS or Android, and get started selling anywhere.

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