Introducing a New Way to Build Your Online Store

The easiest way to customize your theme to build a beautiful online store

Announcing Dawn 

Dawn is Shopify’s new free theme. It offers our latest features and functionality, including sections on most templates, blocks, and metafields. While the themes mentioned in this article are still supported, they don’t include these features or functionality. To learn more about Dawn visit our latest blog.

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Click, drag, drop, save. It’s never been easier to build your online store.

Starting today, you can easily create a unique online store, one that perfectly represents your brand—no design or coding skills required. With just a few clicks, you can add, reorder, or remove anything from your home page, giving you the freedom to build an online store that really lets your brand shine through.

To get started, choose any free theme, and build the online store of your dreams. Premium themes will be updated with this new functionality soon.

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Bring your brand to life


You shouldn’t have to be a computer scientist to create an online store that best represents your brand. To make building a beautiful online store even easier, we’re adding “sections” to all of our themes. You can think of sections as the building blocks of your website.

By using a theme with sections, you can add images, text, blog posts, products, collections, or store information to your home page. Easily move the sections around by dragging and dropping them until it looks exactly how you imagined. Then, hit ‘save’ and start selling.

You can even preview all the changes you make, as you make them, in desktop or mobile view. With more purchases coming from mobile devices, it’s important to make design choices that look great on every device.

Get started with sections

Available themes with sections: Debut, Boundless, Debut, Minimal, Jumpstart, Brooklyn

We’ve designed, Debut, a brand new theme, and updated our free Shopify themes with sections. Premium themes will soon have sections, too. Every theme is mobile-friendly and offers your customers a unique, memorable shopping experience.

To start building your online store, simply visit the theme store, and choose a free theme.

There’s never been a better time to start selling online without any design or technical skills. So, go for it—get your hands dirty. Build a beautiful store for your brand.

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