Introducing Shopify Ping: A New Mobile App for Running Your Business on the Go

shopify ping

Time is every entrepreneur’s most valuable resource.

Between life’s many commitments and all the hats you wear to run your business, there’s never enough time to go around—especially if you’re part of a small team or the sole founder like many Shopify merchants.

That’s why we’re launching Shopify Ping: a new way to run your business on the go by bringing customer conversations, marketing workflows, and more together in a single mobile app.

Now you you can spend less time shuffling between separate tools and more time on what matters most: serving your customers and growing your business.

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All your customer relationships in a single app

Shopify Ping connects to the messaging apps you already use to bring all your conversations into a single mobile app, making it easier to respond to questions and build relationships with customers even when you’re on the go.

Conversations from messaging apps like Apple Business Chat and Facebook Messenger can now come together for easy, centralized access and management in the Shopify Ping app. Say goodbye to switching between multiple apps just to speak with different customers.


A built-in business assistant that’s always with you

Shopify Ping is also a place to plan out, create, and manage your marketing activities with Kit, Shopify’s built-in virtual employee.

Kit will run Facebook and Instagram ads, email marketing, retargeting campaigns, and more on your behalf. Kit can also communicate with many other apps in its growing skillset to execute more complicated workflows.

Want to touch up your product photos? Kit can do that. Want to find new products to add to your store’s collection? Kit can do that for you, too. Wherever you are—at home, abroad, or on the go—you can talk to Kit through Shopify Ping to get the job done.


Shopify Ping: A new way to work on the go

Shopify Ping is more than a chat app. With a growing list of features and integrations planned, Shopify Ping is a new way for entrepreneurs to work on the go and grow their business from the convenience of a single place.

Shopify Ping is available now to download for free on iOS, and you can sign up to be the first to know when it launches on Android.

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