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With new upsell features and personalized recommendations, Mustard Made’s average order value grew 15%

Inspired by a self-described “slightly offbeat” love of vintage lockers, Mustard Made sells premium-quality, colorful lockers of different shapes and sizes for homes and offices. Founded by sisters Becca and Jess Stern, the company has flourished with its unique operational footprint, run from both Australia and the U.K. With the business having tripled in the previous year, 2021 also saw Mustard set to launch into the U.S. market.

To support its expansion, Mustard Made upgraded to Shopify Plus, redesigning its entire website and theme in just two weeks. Immediately, the ability to toggle between the brand’s three different regional websites from a single administrative login was cited as a key advantage in consolidating its global business functions. With a new wishlist feature, upsell features in cart, and personalized product recommendations, Mustard Made’s average order value has increased by 15% since upgrading.

When we started Mustard Made, we wanted to build the whole brand around the website. Shopify Plus is the beating heart of our business and exists at the center of all of our decisions. Whenever we want to add something, someone at Shopify Plus has already figured it out for us.

Mustard Made

Becca Stern — Co-Founder


Home Furnishing

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Customization, Growth and Scale, Upgrades

Med Shopify såg Mustard Made snabba resultat.


Increase in revenue


Increase in returning customer rate


Increase in website traffic

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