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How Cotopaxi created a custom shopping experience that amplifies revenue and impact

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Cotopaxi isn’t just in the business of making functional and beautiful outdoor gear. When Davis Smith founded the brand in 2014, he had an unusual pitch. Instead of leading with potential profits, he leaned into impact. From the beginning, Cotopaxi’s commitment to poverty alleviation and protecting people and the planet is evident. Davis knew the right commerce platform would be crucial in letting the team focus on what matters most: improving the world around them through inspiring products.

For Cotopaxi, creating a personalized shopping experience that tells their brand story was essential. They started by leveraging Shopify Scripts to build in purchase incentives and automatic discount codes to boost average order value. They’ve built their store to offer multiple ways to find each product, speaking to their varied audience. While some might look for items under a more traditional section such as outerwear, through Shopify Plus they’ve been able to build additional product collections that are sorted by adventure or sustainable materials. 

Cotopaxi solves for the complexity of their one-of-a-kind products with the Shopify API selling sustainable products without the merchandising and inventory headache. The team continues to finesse their customer’s experience as they grow, with enterprise-level customizations that leverage Shopify Plus Partner apps from marketing to buy now, pay later. Cotopaxi is a testament to the power of pairing a powerful mission with the right platform for incredible growth and impact.

With Shopify Plus, Cotopaxi saw results fast.

  • 50% increase in revenue
  • 40% increase in average order value
  • 50% increase in average selling price

All metrics year-over-year 2021-2022

We started Cotopaxi with Shopify from day one. As a founder of two previous ecommerce businesses, I knew how expensive it was to build our own website, so when I learned of Shopify in 2013, it was a no-brainer. Having a platform that we could just plug into and that scaled with us over time was a game-changer. It allowed us to invest the money we would have spent developing a website into our impact work.


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Shopify Scripts

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Customization, Growth and Scale

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