[Free Industry Report] The Opportunities, Threats, and Future of the Consumer Electronics Industry

Free Industry Report: 2016

It’s a unique time for your clients in the consumer electronics industry.

After nearly a decade of turbocharged growth in a variety of segments, the consumer electronics industry appears to overall be slowing, despite demand for new electronics and technologies, such as:

  • Virtual reality
  • Wearables
  • Internet of things

However, demand for tomorrow’s consumer electronics in the medium term, according to research, is not likely to be great enough to offset stalling growth in traditional segments. The future, which promises new growth opportunities, can’t come fast enough for your clients in this space.

Ready to help them better position themselves by painting a picture of the future of commerce?

Our new Shopify Plus industry report for the consumer electronics space offers your clients and prospects a behind-the-scenes look at the future of ecommerce, as well as the trajectory, trends, and technology that will shape their vertical in the second half of the decade, and beyond.

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Introducing the Shopify Plus Consumer Electronics Industry Report

Surviving today for an opportunity to thrive tomorrow.

It not only requires merchants in the consumer electronics space to pivot toward emerging markets, adapt to increasingly shorter product life spans, and employ sustainable manufacturing and supply chain processes that protect margins; but also requires the ability to anticipate how tomorrow’s technologies are likely to collide and create new opportunities for commerce.

What will this look like for your clients and prospects?

Inside our industry report for the consumer electronics space is insight and imagination that illustrate:

  • The growth, geographic, and demographic trajectories impacting the vertical
  • The trends influencing the vertical that are creating new risks and opportunities
  • The technologies that are likely to intersect and reshape the way commerce is conducted tomorrow and beyond

This report will help you position clients doing business in the consumer electronics industry for a future that may one day include ultra-personalized customer experiences, powered by next generation beacons that recognize individuals, and are amplified by artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and next generation wearables.

 The Future of the Consumer Electronics Industry

Or this report could help your clients consider what might be possible in a future where context-aware consumer electronics devices are equipped to anticipate and predict a user’s needs, and actually improve a person’s overall health.

The Future of the Consumer Electronics Industry: Wearables

Beyond the value you provide clients every day, our industry report will allow you to offer forward-looking insight, designed to prepare merchants for:

  • Virtual reality business solutions, powered by artificial intelligence and emotion detection technology that integrate user preference, behavior, or purchase history to create ultra-personalized engagement.
  • Next generation wearables that allow people to “feel” what they’re experiencing in virtual reality, and can potentially protect users from human error in specific use cases. These wearables could also create new opportunities to generate recurring revenue via electronics that act as portals, or enhance unique consumer experiences.
  • Context aware devices powered by machine learning, natural language processing, and technology that can detect mood that result in next generation personal assistants that can predict human needs, interpret vital health data in real time, and intervene when necessary to improve outcomes.

How to use this industry report

Use our consumer electronics industry report to make yourself even more valuable to your existing clients, or to prospects who might be deciding whether to partner with you for the long term.

The industry snapshots, shifts in consumer behavior, and emerging technologies briefly illustrated in the report are included to provide your clients with actionable insight so they can make data-informed decisions that powerfully differentiate their brand. Help them intelligently chart a strategic course for their future:

  • Pass it along to prospects within proposals or as part of your pitching process, as a way to demonstrate your dedication, even prior to them signing on the dotted line. Accelerate their decision to convert and become your client.
  • Offer it to existing clients as a value-add that positions your agency as more than simply a design and development partner, but as a strategic adviser, with eyes on the future and their success.

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