Announcing Shopify Pursuit 2020: Turning Ideas Into Action

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When it comes to growing your business, there’s no better source of education than your peers. Learning from those who have been in your shoes is a powerful way to increase your expertise, gain important industry skills, and provide better service to the merchants you work with every day. In other words, coming together with other Shopify Partners helps elevate everyone, partner and merchant alike.

But in the busyness of your day-to-day, it can be hard to find time to look up and learn from what others are doing. That’s the beauty of Shopify Pursuit, our multi-day, international conference tour for Shopify Partners and Developers. It’s a space to step back, connect with other partners and developers, and share your knowledge and insights about building your business with Shopify.

Last year, Pursuit stopped in five cities around the world and saw hundreds of Shopify Partners and Developers join together to share information, further develop their business skills, and put their ideas into action. Today, we’re excited to announce that from February to June 2020, Pursuit is once again taking off to five global cities. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Pursuit 2020.

What is Pursuit?

Shopify Pursuit: 2018 keynote speaker
A Shopify keynote at Pursuit’s 2018 stop in Melbourne.

Pursuit is our multi-day, international conference tour with a focus on growth, scaling, and community. No matter what work you do as part of the Shopify Partner community—whether as a store builder, app developer, freelancer, agency owner, or any of the other myriad ways partners help merchants—Pursuit is a conference for you. 

It’s an environment where the focus is on peer-to-peer learning, where you can gain wisdom from a diverse community, and where you can put your ideas into motion. At Pursuit you can expect to:

  • Gain new perspectives. Meet Shopify Partners and Developers of all kinds and share learnings about growing a business, working with clients, and finding success. Expand your understanding and expertise.
  • Learn from your community. Take advantage of Pursuit’s unique knowledge-sharing approach, where Shopify Partners and Developers trade information and provide guidance. Learn what’s worked for other partners and spark new ideas to grow your own business.
  • Build connections. Step away from the day-to-day and connect with like-minded folk. Network with people in and out of your vertical, and sit down with Shopify employees for conversations about the technology you build on every day.

What to expect from Pursuit 2020

Shopify Pursuit: Panel discussion
A panel discussion at Pursuit’s 2018 stop in New York.

This year, Pursuit is a two-day event, stopping in five different cities between February and June 2020. Below, explore the different activities available at Pursuit.

Personalized support

Set up a meeting with Shopify employees to sit down and discuss the intricacies of running your business with Shopify. Get answers to your technical questions, and dive deep into ways that your partnership with Shopify can help your business reach new heights.

A full day conference

Get a glimpse at the inner workings of Shopify with a keynote from Shopify employees, and gain actionable learnings from other partners as they share stories of their journey with Shopify. Learn what’s worked and what hasn’t, exchange best practices, and further develop your understanding of Shopify to make your idea a reality.

Tactical workshops

Book yourself into one of two workshop tracks to learn a variety of strategies and business tools that you can implement immediately. Each track includes in-depth sessions to help you increase your business’ impact and deepen your Shopify expertise. 

Our Shopify App Building workshop is designed for those looking to learn best practices when building and launching a new app. This workshop will cover everything from working within the API limit, to OAuth, to optimizing your listing to provide a great merchant experience and meet the requirements of the Shopify Apps QA team. 

Our Selling Shopify workshop will empower you with the skills you need to sell Shopify and Shopify Plus to existing and prospective clients. This workshop is best suited for partners who are just starting out or need a refresher, or for those who train sales and account managers to sell, upgrade, or migrate merchant businesses to Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Workshops have limited availability and are offered at an additional cost when you purchase your ticket.

Impactful networking

Take advantage of being in the same room with dozens of other Shopify Partners, and mingle! Meet with partners, developers, and Shopify employees throughout the event, during the welcome social, and at our closing happy hour. Connect over drinks or coffee, share challenges and insights, and maybe even meet your next business partner—anything is possible. 

5 global stops 🌏

Shopify Pursuit: 2018 audience engagement
Questions from the audience at Pursuit’s 2018 stop in Melbourne. 

Five countries, two days of content in each, and one partner community coming together in pursuit of collaboration, progress, and powerful takeaways. Can’t wait to join us? Follow the link below to get your ticket to any of this year’s stops. Don’t miss out on this unique event.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: February 19-20
  • Mexico City, Mexico: March 11-12
  • Melbourne, Australia: March 25-26
  • Tokyo, Japan: June 2020
  • Bangalore, India: June 2020

Learning together

Pursuit is your chance to meet others who face the same challenges—and most importantly, the same opportunities—as you. By exchanging information, sharing your knowledge, and guiding each other, you gain valuable insights into how to grow your business, better serve merchants, and strengthen the overall Shopify community. We hope to see you there!


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