The UK State of Commerce Report 2024

Unlock certainty in an uncertain market

Get actionable insights from thousands of retailers and consumers on selling and shopping in 2024 and beyond.

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Market shifts

Selling and shopping in the UK is changing

Uncover critical gaps between consumer expectations and industry investment—and the impact of changing economic conditions, shifting shopper sentiments, and the challenges and opportunities with AI.

46%of UK consumers have cut back on discretionary spending

82%of UK consumers seek an enhanced customer experience

70%of UK retailers face a skills gap around AI

Key themes

Actionable insights on key opportunities

Harness data-driven insights on the most crucial opportunities in commerce—and empower smarter business decisions in the ever-changing UK market.

Brand loyalty

Cracking the code on customer loyalty—and the balancing act between price, quality, and customer experience.

Customer experience

Growing gaps between consumer expectations and industry investment present an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Artificial intelligence

AI unlocks operational efficiencies, a new wave of marketing, and more—but there’s a skills gap to address.

Unified commerce

The next evolution of omnichannel commerce unlocks higher growth and lower costs for retailers.

Distinct customer types

Need-to-know consumer personas

From the cost sensitive and quality focused to the conscious and connected, meet four distinct consumer types—and learn how to sell to them.

Chloë Thomas

The more channels a customer buys from you via, the more they're worth to you in the long term, the higher their customer lifetime value is.

Chloë Thomas — Host of the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast

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