Better commerce for a better planet

Shopify brings merchants, customers, and climate entrepreneurs together in the fight against climate change.

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Futuristic effects and a sequence showing scenes of climate change-driven natural disasters like fire and hurricanes morph into an optimistic sequences of people searching for innovative solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Empowering sustainable commerce

Shopify builds for sustainable success from the core out, bringing businesses and their customers together in the fight against climate change.

Businesses powered by Shopify can use the Planet app to remove shipping emissions through high-leverage projects and partners. And every time a customer places an order using Shop Pay, Shopify funds carbon removal to counteract the impact on the planet at no extra cost.

In addition, Shopify purchases carbon removal to eliminate the shipping emissions from every single order placed during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping weekend. In 2020 and 2021, we offset a combined total of more than 120,000 tonnes of carbon.

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Joining forces with climate entrepreneurs

The Shopify Sustainability Fund contributes at least $5 million annually to support entrepreneurs at the frontier of reversing climate change.

We’re backing groundbreaking technologies that are permanently removing carbon from the atmosphere. Concrete that's injected with carbon, carbon-soaked kelp that drops to the ocean floor, massive fans sponging the air of greenhouse gases – no solution is too ambitious or too crazy.

Our goal is to help prove, scale, and commercialize climate technology for massive impact in the long term. Because at the end of the day, commerce can only thrive if our planet thrives too.

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Generating renewable power

Shopify is the first Canadian-founded company to sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) to power 100% of employee home offices across North America with wind energy. The deal enables the development of a brand new wind farm in a province that has one of the most carbon-intensive energy grids in North America.

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100% carbon-neutral platform

Data centers have historically been a big source of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2018, we decommissioned all of our data servers and shifted entirely to Google Cloud. Google matches 100% of the energy consumed by Google Cloud with renewable energy, enabling us to run a completely carbon-neutral platform.

Trees in forest taken from the bottom up to represent Shopify's efforts in sustainability

A carbon-neutral company

In 2019, Shopify began sourcing renewable power for heating, cooling, and powering our buildings and employee home offices. We’ve procured enough green energy to account for our natural gas and electricity-related carbon footprint in Canada. For travel-related emissions, which are 5x our operational footprint, we purchase verified carbon offsets.

A climate commitment years in the making

Here's how we got here, and where we're going.

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Strength in numbers

We're just getting started on our climate mission, and we know that no single person or organization can solve climate change alone. If you're as eager to reverse climate change as we are, we want to hear from you.

Climate entrepreneurs

Are you building a technology that could reverse climate change? Shopify could be your customer.

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Tech partners

Have an innovative way for Shopify merchants to run sustainable businesses? We'd love to hear about it.

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