Make Better Fulfillment Decisions With Order Analytics

Order management analytics reports shown on a laptop

Decisions, decisions, decisions. They’re everywhere when you’re an entrepreneur. From optimizing your homepage banner to choosing product photographs to billing and shipping orders. You’re probably making more decisions than you realize. And they all have a cumulative impact on your business.

As we make commerce better for everyone, we believe that entrepreneurship does not have to be a guessing game—though it might feel like one sometimes.
That’s why we’re expanding the insights you get from your orders data and bringing them closer to your day to day.

Measure what matters, when it matters

Shopify offers you dozens of metrics right out of the box. So where do you start? We think there’s a better way to incorporate (more) data-informed moments into your routine by bringing them to where decisions are happening.

Order fulfillment process, analytical questions and metrics
Map your order management questions to metrics and reports

Contextual analytics allows you to efficiently check the health of your operations—from order entry to delivery—and identify areas of opportunity, right from the same screen where you execute your tasks. Spot trends, visualize new pockets of improvement, and confirm whether changes are paying off in a glimpse. And if you need more than a glimpse, every metric leads to a report (available according to your Shopify plan) that covers the critical aspects of your order management operations over time.

It gets better: reports go dark

Data can be overwhelming, especially when you need to remain focused on the task at hand: getting those orders out in time. Contextual analytics are displayed using dark themes, so you can quickly move from the operational to the analytical stages of your routine. Dark visuals are also known to elevate visual ergonomics and reduce eye strain—which is quite important when you’re in deep-thinking mode about your next move.

Screen with a order analytics report updating

Make better decisions that meet customer expectations

Customer expectations are high—and fulfilling order promises is a big part of that. Improving the processes you use to process, ship, and measure satisfaction of your order fulfillment might result in reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and saved time, but also in an increase in trust. It might even impact customer lifetime value. Growing a business is as much looking for short-term efficiencies as it is looking for long-term impact. Understanding and improving your order fulfillment process certainly covers both.