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The Australian Retail Report 2023

An industry deep dive on pathways to growth and shifting consumer behaviour.

Consumer Personas

Meet Today’s Aussie Consumers

Economic conditions and maturing retail expectations have meant that Australian shoppers are driven by values more than ever. We have identified 6 new Australian shopper personas that reflect Australians' concerns, budget-focus and spending habits, and how they want to interact with brands and products in the current environment. These personas are designed to help give retailers the insight needed into the evolving retail landscape to inform their strategies for growth...

Key Themes

Retailer Realities and Opportunities for Growth

Efficient Technology

Technology plays an increasingly important role in the strategies and tactics retailers are using to drive efficient growth.

Customer Experience & Omnichannel

Brands with industry-leading customer experience have truly omnichannel business models.

Brand Building & Loyalty

Building your brand for future demand requires a “bothism” marketing approach.

Positioning Products

Consumer preferences are driving an evaluation of product mix, price, position and innovation.

Exploring New Markets

Reaching into new channels, new markets and new audience segments can unlock growth opportunities.

Where customer expectations meet industry investment.


of shoppers say high quality goods win their loyalty


of Australian retailers plan to invest in AI & Automation in the next 12 months


of retail leaders say customer experience is critical to growth

Our strategy has always been to be dedicated to customer centricity. Every single time we pick up on any friction in the customer journey, we can address it and fix it right away.

  • Anna Samkova — Group General Manager for Digital & Marketing, Brand Collective

We're focusing on the physical experience, especially in new regional markets. Both physical and online are of equal importance to us. The omnichannel experience is a powerhouse.

  • Martin Hourigan — Group General Manager - Operations & IT, Accent Group

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