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Add Shop Pay to your current checkout

Shop Pay is the internet’s best-converting, accelerated checkout. And now, it’s available as a modular component to add on to your commerce platform of choice.

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Easy add-on to your checkout

Set up Shop Pay with your current checkout, without using extensive developer resources.

Increase conversion

Raise conversion rates across all devices and reduce abandoned carts with a one-tap experience.

Tap into the Shop Pay network

Find new buyers, create repeat shoppers, and get a complete view of your customers.

Seamless customer experience

Give customers an easy way to track their orders for reduced inquiries and improved retention.



Shop Pay is trusted by 150M+ high-value shoppers in 24 countries.


better performance

Shop Pay outperforms Apple Pay and other accelerated checkouts by at least 10%.*


higher conversion

Compared to guest checkout, Shop Pay can raise conversion by up to 50%*.


higher purchase intent

Shop Pay users are 77% more likely to make repeat purchases.

your platform, our component

An easy addition to your checkout

With a flexible and easy-to-use API, the Shop Pay Component is designed to work seamlessly with your current checkout, ensuring a smooth implementation process without disrupting your existing infrastructure.

Innovate without replatforming

Because the Shop Pay Component works with your existing platforms, you can innovate without a complete replatforming and significantly cut total cost of ownership.

No external developers required

Your development team gets access to core Shop Pay experiences through a straightforward, drop-in JavaScript that includes a handful of server calls designed to handle all of your transactions securely.

higher conversion

Take your sales to new heights

Shop Pay outperforms other accelerated checkouts by at least 10%, and guest checkouts by up to 50%, leading to higher conversion, lower customer acquisition costs, and a significant return on investment.

buy online

One-tap checkout

Shop Pay’s one-tap checkout helps buyers speed through every purchase.


Higher conversion everywhere

Mobile-optimized and user-friendly, Shop Pay is designed for shopping on all devices and every sales channel.


Fewer abandoned carts

Shop Pay simplifies and shortens checkout, resulting in more completed purchases.

flexible payments

Saved payment information

Shop Pay stores payment and shipping details, leading to faster checkouts and higher loyalty.


Secure and encrypted

Shop Pay encrypts customer data and adheres to the highest industry standards for security.

save time

Faster load times

Shop Pay instantly identifies buyers, letting them complete transactions with no lags or delays.

identity network

Identify, grow, and retain customers

Shop Pay opens the door to limitless expansion possibilities with instant comprehensive customer identification. All so you can optimize for recency, frequency, monetary value (RFM), and increase units per transaction and customer lifetime value.

A better view of buyers

Shop Pay provides comprehensive customer identification, so you can personalize shopping experiences.

Create repeat customers

Shop Pay can efficiently convert guests into known customers with a higher lifetime value.

Find new audiences

62% of Shop Pay users are Gen Z or Millennials, and over half earn more than $75,000 annually.**

Offer preferred payments

When brands offer Shop Pay as a checkout method, nearly a third of orders are processed with it.***

simple tracking

Streamline tracking, simplify support

Shop Pay works with the Shop app to help customers track their orders, improving the post-purchase experience and ensuring every transaction ends on a high note.

Reduce customer inquiries

Shop Pay’s integration with the Shop App significantly reduces tickets related to order status and delivery times, freeing up your support teams to tackle more complex inquiries.

Improve customer retention

Create repeat customers with a seamless post-purchase experience on the Shop App. In fact, Shop App users repurchase at a 9% higher rate.

Show real-time updates

Keep customers informed with real-time updates on their order status—from the moment they complete their purchase, until their package arrives at their doorstep.

Provide tracking info

Give customers easy access to order tracking information directly from the Shop App, without searching for tracking numbers or visiting carrier websites.

With the Shop Pay experience, people are getting through checkout faster than with all of our other payment methods.

Improve your checkout,
and your sales

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*Based on a study completed with a Big Three global management consulting firm in April 2023.

**This statistic is based on internal Shopify data. The data was analyzed to determine how frequently Shop Pay users choose Shop Pay for online purchases when it is available as a checkout method.

***These statistics are based on a survey conducted by Shopify to understand the demographics of Shop Pay users.